hey, Lee. i’ve mentioned before that i have no concept of time right? because i honestly thought it had only been a month since the last time i updated. ..oops! so, i don’t know exactly when/why this happened, but i’ve been busy every weekend for the past month. either someone’s having a get together or […]

another belated blog

hi Lee! considering you’re my blog that i write to keep track of my day-lee life, i am doing a really terrible job of updating you lately. i mean, usually my life is so boring and uneventful. i finally get some ripples up in this placid pond, and i don’t even update. so i had […]

not who I think I am

sometimes, when I’m thinking, I actually become aware of my thoughts. I start to hear what my brain is actually saying. and that’s when things get weird. because when I start really listening and being super-aware, I’m not actually listening to me anymore. I’m listening to the personality I think of as me. and the […]

the reason

i’ve seen a lot of quotes on twitter from famous writers about how we write to express some deeper, hidden part of ourselves. i’ve seen it so often, in fact, i feel like it’s some kind of consensus. only problem is: i don’t feel that way. i’ve started to think maybe there’s something wrong with […]

brain chatter

i don’t know what it is, Lee, but my mind won’t focus. there’s too much chatter. like it doesn’t know where it wants to throw its focus. i– and fuck behaviorists, i am an “i” not a bundle of synapses- want to read a Lunar Chronicles novella, but my brain will not focus on the […]

right the first time

sometimes, Lee, i’m writing word after word, wondering if it’s any good and assuming that it’s probably pretty crappy, and figuring that i’ll go back and fix it later anyway. but sometimes, Lee, there are rare shining moments where i know i’ve gotten it right. i don’t know if it will flow with the story […]

stories and themes

WAY overdue updating you, Lee! i feel like it is taking WAY too long to finish my current WIP. Camp NaNoWriMo is coming and i have three options. though if i go by one of my friend’s instincts, then i should write Mirrors. which would probably be the best choice for a Camp novel. unlike […]

finding closure

hello Lee! so, what, you might ask, brings me to the old blogosphere? why, a new personal revelation in my writing of course! what else? alright. so even though i’ve wanted to write this for forever, i know my beginning, middle and end, and i love all my characters, i felt stuck. i had that […]