Vision Quest

Jesus, did I even write anything last year, Lee? Considering that writing is my jam, you’d think I’d show up here more often. Though chiding myself about my blogging habits is not why I’m here- nor is it probably healthy. What I am here to write about is vision. Everybody has one. …Well, everybody who’s […]

correlation or coincidence

hey-lo, Lee! long time no see. so i was entrenching myself in writing blogs- as you do- when the subject of depression came up. the blog i was reading very matter-of-factly mentioned that writers often suffer from depression. there was no fanfare or preamble- it was stated as common knowledge. because it is. which lead […]


i have the same taste in guys i had when i was 16. since my priorities and judgement weren’t what anyone would call the best at that age, i am a bit worried about this. today i saw this tall lanky guy with black hair (read: my type) who was placing his order ahead of […]