Vision Quest

Jesus, did I even write anything last year, Lee? Considering that writing is my jam, you’d think I’d show up here more often. Though chiding myself about my blogging habits is not why I’m here- nor is it probably healthy. What I am here to write about is vision. Everybody has one. …Well, everybody who’s […]

awesome pending

Lee, i have been slacking. i mean, i haven’t been doing NO work, but i’ve certainly been doing far less than i should be. if you read my post from last week, then you know i’ve been feeling rather insecure lately. i don’t know why. maybe it was the hormone avalanche i was burried under. […]


hey Lee! thought i’d stop by and say hi because work is SLOW! but i am totally ok with that. because i am SO tired, it’s already the middle of the month, and i still haven’t chosen which story to write for Nanowrimo. which is kind of a major problem, since i need to get […]

je ne sais quoi

i have that itchy, je-ne-sais-quoi feeling. and, Lee, when i get that feeling, i need to write something. and the easiest thing to write is a blog post. i have stories in my head. and i’ve been thinking a lot about the book i’m editing. and i’ve been reading a lot of writing/editing advice and […]

another belated blog

hi Lee! considering you’re my blog that i write to keep track of my day-lee life, i am doing a really terrible job of updating you lately. i mean, usually my life is so boring and uneventful. i finally get some ripples up in this placid pond, and i don’t even update. so i had […]

stories and themes

WAY overdue updating you, Lee! i feel like it is taking WAY too long to finish my current WIP. Camp NaNoWriMo is coming and i have three options. though if i go by one of my friend’s instincts, then i should write Mirrors. which would probably be the best choice for a Camp novel. unlike […]