The Conversation

The Prologue On the 3rd of January I began dating a guy from the internet. Things were going really well, but I didn’t want to tell anybody anything until there was something to tell, i.e. we moved from the dating phase into a relationship. At almost precisely the two month mark, I found that I […]

awesome pending

Lee, i have been slacking. i mean, i haven’t been doing NO work, but i’ve certainly been doing far less than i should be. if you read my post from last week, then you know i’ve been feeling rather insecure lately. i don’t know why. maybe it was the hormone avalanche i was burried under. […]

weathering the storm

sometimes my dreams shove what i don’t want to think about right in my face. thanks a lot, subconscious mind! so, Lee… i’m not really sure what i feel. and maybe i’m just a jumble of hormones. i feel like the smallest emotions are being turned up on blast. i mean, i nearly cried yesterday. […]

sincerely bewildered

so, Lee, often while driving, i’m thinking about my future plans and past interactions. i don’t know why. but my social interactions are often forefront in my thoughts while behind the wheel. during this morning’s commute (which is about 15 minutes) i thought about my writer’s group, and my nerd group, and my Nerdfighter friends, […]

not who I think I am

sometimes, when I’m thinking, I actually become aware of my thoughts. I start to hear what my brain is actually saying. and that’s when things get weird. because when I start really listening and being super-aware, I’m not actually listening to me anymore. I’m listening to the personality I think of as me. and the […]

The Plan

ok. so here’s what we’re gonna do. this is still going to be about me, but it’s not going to be introspective i-centric anymore.  …unless, ya know, i want to. stuff that’s not about me will go on The Blog. that will be everything that doesn’t relate directly and/or exclusively to me. for example, what […]