The Conversation

The Prologue On the 3rd of January I began dating a guy from the internet. Things were going really well, but I didn’t want to tell anybody anything until there was something to tell, i.e. we moved from the dating phase into a relationship. At almost precisely the two month mark, I found that I […]

on the bright side

how awesome are my friends? Lee, my friends are so awesome that they don’t even know i’m feeling down, and they are such a delightful conglomeration of people, that by merely engaging in conversation with them, they’ve totally cheered me up. so remember that guy i was talking about dating in my last post? ‘member? […]

back to back

Ok, Lee. Let me tell ya a little something about how weird life is. Sometimes you spend two months with a guy who doesn’t want to be in a relationship, and sometimes you spend four days with a guy who absolutely wants to be in a relationship. And sometimes these things happen pretty much back […]

weathering the storm

sometimes my dreams shove what i don’t want to think about right in my face. thanks a lot, subconscious mind! so, Lee… i’m not really sure what i feel. and maybe i’m just a jumble of hormones. i feel like the smallest emotions are being turned up on blast. i mean, i nearly cried yesterday. […]


Lee, i haven’t mentioned it for a myriad of reasons, but i’m dating. all those emotions that you felt upon seeing the word “dating?” yeah, they all apply. so, pretty much nothing in my life is a secret. i’ve got this blog. i tweet. i occasionally vlog. ask me a question, i’ll give you an […]

The Mold

i had a coworker at my previous job who said everyone you date is just a different version of your first love. like you’re looking to recreate that same feeling, but version 2.0. each one after will be slightly different and improved, but you will forever be building on that original template. * i’ll get […]


i don’t like dating. i don’t mean i don’t like relationships. i like those. i like being in a couple. i would like to be married with children asap. i don’t like the part that comes before that. the part where you’re not sure if the other person likes you or how much. all that […]