today i’m the kind of tired where your body takes away from some of its resources to keep you warm in order to stay functionally conscious. my body is having the equivalent of a brownout. it’s not shut down, but some systems are turned to half power. even though my logical brain knows that the […]


procrastination is a really bad habit of mine. hence the lateness of this post. i was sitting in bed, fluffing my pillows, preparing for sleep, when i realized that i still had 300 words to finish. i told myself hours ago that i should just write it and get it over with so that i […]


some people are concerned with fitting in. i am concerned with standing out. i don’t mean in the arrogant, “look at me” way. (i, in fact, hate when people look at me.) i’m talking about wanting to be remarkable. or, more precisely, i want to do something remarkable. preferably, if i do something remarkable, i […]

Excepting Compliments

i’m not good with compliments. i mean, i think i do a fair job at giving them, but i have yet to properly learn how to accept them graciously. most people, when receiving a compliment, feel pleased and say thank you. that’s just their first instinct. mine on the other hand is to think, “my […]


i am going to the LA date for The Tour de Nerdfighting tonight. i am ridiculously excited. i’m also a bit anxious. obviously it’s going to be awesome because John and Hank and a room full of Nerdfighters. but it will be the first time i go to see John and/or Hank ALONE. the first […]


i think i receive the most interesting emails in the company. not that their subject matter is so thrilling, but the tone and the manner in which they are written. emails about sending files or some quirk with the copier being fixed often have a touch of humor. this is a classic case of like […]


i’ve already written 800 words today. writing 300 more shouldn’t be that hard, but i don’t have anything to write about. i could talk about the fact that i’ve gone back to writing my novel, but there’s not much i can say without actually giving away the story. i’m actually working on two things right […]


i have really got to stop forgetting about this blog. i am really bad at consistency. i don’t mean to be. it’s not like i don’t care. but i get lost in doing things. or not doing things. …movies are easily the biggest time waster on the face of the planet. especially when they play […]