The Numbers

sometimes i dream about changing the world.

i mean i sit down and think about what it would take to start a change. a real and palpable change in things.

i’ve thought about stuff like that since i was a little girl. i remember being six or seven and wanting to figure out a way to end world hunger. there had to be a way, i thought.

it makes me wonder how much we really change as we grow up. sure i know a lot more. i have facts and wisdom, but i still am just that little girl who is horrified by the idea of people starving to death. such a slow and painful way to die.

except now i know about the people who don’t even have clean water. and the human trafficking. and people being denied basic human rights. and what’s more overwhelming and disparaging than the feeling that there’s nothing i can do, is the feeling that nobody else cares.

sometimes i feel like i’m in this world, in this country, in this community, where no one cares about anyone else. like everyone knows what’s going wrong, and not only do they not know how to fix it, but they don’t care to figure out how. like they know that they probably could figure out a way to fix things, but they just would rather not.

and in order to change the world, you need people. you need people to care. they don’t even have to DO a whole lot. you just need a whole lot of people to do a little. the key is the numbers. five people working their butts off will never be as powerful or be able to change things faster than 1000 people doing the least they can do.

how do you make your voice heard to the thousands? how do you get them to realize they don’t need to make much effort. they just have to make an effort at all. how do you get people to care?

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