you never realize what a fragile thing trust is until it is called into question.

you trust your workplace to provide your paycheck. you trust your family and friends not to abandon you. you trust CBS to produce the most lackluster programming in existence. there are some things that you have come to expect. that you may even have come to depend on. if your trust is betrayed, the relationship you had could be shattered.

this rule applies to everything.

your phone, your car, you best friend, a rockstar, a bank teller… you have certain expectations concerning everything and everyone, and it can be devastating if these expectations aren’t met. this can be especially true of a community.

in a community you know who the people are, what they stand for, and how they will behave. if someone within that community acts outside the norms of that expected behavior, it can cause disillusionment and possibly destroy the community. how many others within the community also don’t fit within the expected norms? maybe there are far more fakes than you realize and the whole thing is really quite phony.

these doubts, if felt by enough people, can cause the community to crumble.

as a member of Nerdfighteria, i often worry that John or Hank will fall from the lofty pedestal we’ve placed them on. when you think about it, they’re not allowed to make very human mistakes. if at any point they are found not to be honorable, they will lose a lot of their followers.

if Charlie McDonnell was found to have cheated on a girlfriend, his super-obsessed fangirl followers would probably make excuses and continue to follow him. the rest of us wouldn’t really care and would still continue to follow him. for the most part, this would not be a big hit to his numbers. he’s entertaining and he’s cute. that’s why he’s got viewers.

if John or Hank were found to be cheating on one of their wives, there would be A LOT of pissed off Nerdfighters who might shun them forever. and it’s because cheating on someone really sucks, and there’s no excuse, and we expect better. most Nerdfighters are inspired by them and many hold them up as role models. for either of them to fail in such a lame and common and disdainful way would be horrendous.

it would also be going against the whole point of being a Nerdfighter; DFTBA. cheating is DEFINITELY forgetting to be awesome. and it would be a betrayal. not just to the person who would be cheated on, but also to all the Nerdfighters who trust them to be thoughtful in their actions and to be awesome.

i hope the Nedfighter Empire does not fall. and if it ever does, i hope it is not due to mistakes of John or Hank. in Nerdfighteria we trust.

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