on the bright side

how awesome are my friends? Lee, my friends are so awesome that they don’t even know i’m feeling down, and they are such a delightful conglomeration of people, that by merely engaging in conversation with them, they’ve totally cheered me up.

so remember that guy i was talking about dating in my last post? ‘member? you ‘member! well, i am no longer dating him. i feel similar to the way i felt after killing off a character at the end of one of my novels. i knew from chapter one that they were dying, but after i wrote their death scene i just felt kinda bummed out. this feels the same. i knew that it was gonna end- and actually initiated the process- but i’m kind of bummed out now that it happened.

*sigh* oh, well.

in the mean time, i haven’t mentioned it. this is the first time i’m mentioning it. however, my friends- just being the awesome people that they are- cheered me up anyway. i’ll be busy hanging out with them all weekend. not for any reason other than they’re doing awesome things and i’m invited.

what i’m saying is i’ve surrounded myself with so many fantastic people that i don’t even have time to get sad anymore. which is pretty fucking awesome!

if you’re reading this, then you’re one of those people. thank you for being you! 😛

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