I Dream of Zombies

Lee, i feel like i should make another blog called Zombie Apocalypse: Dream World and just keep a log of all my zombie apocalypse dreams.

or i should just look into developing a video game with that title, cuz that sounds like a game i want to play.

anywho, my mother was there and her weapon of choice was a machete. i had a sword a-la Michonne. there was a random dream-made guy who was my companion. if this were a TV show, we’d kiss and/or hook up by the fourth or fifth episode, but at this point we were more focused on the creepy little girl who kept coming around us. we were like, this is the zombie apocalypse. it’s bad enough trying to save our own asses without having to watch out for this little girl who has a complete lack of fear, and therefore is nearly getting chomped on every five seconds. so, we ditch the girl in a safe location. -with people with supplies who can take care of her! we didn’t just leave her to die! but this apparently did not jive with the little girl, cuz we suddenly can only understand each other, and to everyone else it sounds like we’re talking gibberish. as you can imagine, this is really frustrating when you’re screaming, “Zombie. Behind you!” and the person just looks at you like, “What????” and then you have to find a way dispatch the zombies on your ass even faster so that you can save the person who can’t understand you.

…i realize my aversion to capitalization makes the last few sentences look like a marathon run-on, but i refuse to change my style for the sake of clarity! just fyi.

anywho, the little girl shows up again, and whilst in her presence, everyone can understand my companion and i again. and when she asks to come with us, and we say sorry, she demonstrates that she’s the one causing the Babel syndrome. we- my companion and i- apparently are both the types to say, “I’m not gonna have a creepy, powerful, possibly evil little girl dictate whether i’ll be her protector! You’re not the boss of me!” so we ditch her and stubbornly deal with the consequences of being unintelligible to anyone but each other.

then, i don’t know if it was due to proximity, or the sudden burst of adrenaline, or a mix of both (cuz, you know, it’s not gonna be explained till the next episode), but we regain the ability to be understood again. and shortly thereafter i woke up. and thought that i had woken up late. and then realized i had twenty minutes left to sleep.

and that was my morning.

i’ve no idea why my impulse was to tweet first, then go back to sleep. but, ya know, i frequently dream about killing zombies, so…

ooh! alternate title for blog: I Dream of Zombies. and it would be about my dreams and make strange references to I Dream of Jeannie. i mean, it would kind of have to.

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