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Lee, i have been slacking.

i mean, i haven’t been doing NO work, but i’ve certainly been doing far less than i should be.

if you read my post from last week, then you know i’ve been feeling rather insecure lately. i don’t know why. maybe it was the hormone avalanche i was burried under. no one, really, can say for certain.


don’t. say. it. *stares menacingly*

i got a little wise counsel from my friend in my writing group last night, and it made me feel a bit better. she reminded me of what the more confident me already knows: as long as you’re having an awesome time, fuck everything else. if what you’re doing feels awesome, chances are, it’s gonna be someone else’s jam, too. my writer’s group can help me find the hiccups, but at the end of the day, i gotta make sure i’m always presenting what i love.

i have a lot of work yet to do, but i’m finally going in the right direction with the paltry 1,000 words i wrote this week. which is not very many words at all since my initial goal for this month was to finish my NaNovel. (i.e. that is not gonna happen.)

so in penance- or something- i made you a flash fiction: Clean

hopefully, next time i post, i’ll be relating tales about all the awesome things i’ve done.

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