weathering the storm

sometimes my dreams shove what i don’t want to think about right in my face. thanks a lot, subconscious mind!

so, Lee…

i’m not really sure what i feel. and maybe i’m just a jumble of hormones. i feel like the smallest emotions are being turned up on blast. i mean, i nearly cried yesterday.

let me reiterate that:

i. nearly. CRIED. yesterday!!!

like- me. and to clarify, there was NO REASON. and i’m being literal. i’m not saying, i was a little upset and i’m just glancing over valid feelings. i’m talking, i was up in the air about what to wear and i nearly started bawling.

so, is it any wonder that i’m unsure whether my current befuddlement is authentic or just a passing fancy?

*sigh* i think i should wait for the hormone thunderstorm to pass before i make any final decisions.

to anyone reading this, i seem like a complete psycopath… except not. because a symptom of psychopathy is lacking depth of emotion and empathy- but i digress. point is, in my mind, i’ve clarified things- at least in part- by deciding to let the storm pass.

in the mean time, i gotta go hang out with a friend.

…that’s right! you heard me! i’m spending time on the outside of my house!

and hopefully later tonight i’ll get some writing done. i am SO behind on my writing!

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