Lee, i haven’t mentioned it for a myriad of reasons, but i’m dating. all those emotions that you felt upon seeing the word “dating?” yeah, they all apply.
so, pretty much nothing in my life is a secret. i’ve got this blog. i tweet. i occasionally vlog. ask me a question, i’ll give you an answer. a true one. because a life without lies is an uncomplicated life (i.e. the kind i prefer).
still, even with my usual candor, i still consider myself a private person. like, i have nothing to hide, but i don’t share every detail of my life. and yet here, on this blog, i work through my personal thoughts and worries. so it’s a little strange right now knowing that a guy i’m dating could very easily find and read my blog. he follows me on twitter, so he could very easily end up reading this very post.
now, while i haven’t lied to him about anything, there are some levels of thought analysis that you just don’t share with someone you’re… starting to see. like, i generally talk things out and come to my big conclusions right here with you, Lee. and when my friends occasionally chime in, even better. but i feel like i can’t do that right now. and i don’t want to put things down with old pen and paper, because i wouldn’t want it to be stumbled upon. i tend to write things down and forget about them, sometimes leaving extremely personal diary entries on folded pieces of paper in my purse. i can set a blog post to private if i don’t want it to be seen. there aren’t any privacy settings for pieces of paper.
so, i guess the answer is just write private posts? which will also feel odd, but will be better than ending up leaving a journal on the coffee table. and even in this super-short post, Lee, you’ve done your job. i’ve found my answer. the totally logical conclusion that was staring me in the face all along, but i was unable to see until writing my thoughts down.
also, it’s cold as balls in this fucking office! also, i’m the sorest from working out on Saturday. i wince every time i get up from my chair. partially because it hurts, and partially because i know sitting back down will hurt more. i will be so happy to be getting into a hot bath later tonight.

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