on a roll

well, Lee, i’ve written for the last two days. might as well write again today, i suppose.

ok, so i’m gonna bitch for a bit: the muscle along my shoulder blade is threatening to go on strike and cause me all kinds of pain if i don’t to lie down and cover it alternately with ice packs and heat pads. i’m trying very hard to reason with it, explaining that i have to work every day which requires sitting up in a chair, but it is not at all sympathetic to my circumstances. it already caused a bit of pain last night, saying that’s what i can expect for days if i don’t comply with its demands immediately. i told it my hands are tied, and the best i can do is lean back in my chair, but its just not listening to me. i guess i should just consider myself lucky that it hasn’t unionized with my knee.

so, i keep thinking of things i need to add to my novel. i’ve already written the last two scenes. and i’ve written little snippets between the middle and the end, but now i’ve gotta connect those dots. i’m in that icky third quarter that taunts me in all my novels. each one is a little different, and yet they’re all the same. i have to make sure my characters stay consistent and the plot doesn’t get holes punched through it, while still keeping up the pacing. and this novel in particular is a weird one for me because we go to a new and different location during the third quarter. and during all of this, i have to let go of my fear of length. i just need to write as many words as need to be written and not worry that i’m running long.

oh, and i’m really glad that i checked in with the other ladies from the soon-to-be-formed Wednesday night writing group. because all but one of them cancelled and i would have ended up showing up and being there all alone. so we’re going to meet next week instead. but in the mean time, i’m pretty sure most of us are going to the TGIO Party on Saturday. and i’m looking forward to having a group to write with every week. i’ll feel better when i have a weekly time set aside to dedicate to writing. because some weeks are hectic and i feel like i’m falling behind with my writing.

and for the record, i’m going to the monthly nerd meet-up tonight. so i’ll see all my people! i’m feeling kind of ick today, so i could use to go hang out with my friends tonight. i’m really looking forward to that!

(haha! totally forgot to hit publish an hour and a half ago!)

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