i’m gonna just come out and say it: i don’t get tumblr.

don’t get me wrong. i acknowledge that this is a whopper of a first world problem. i’m not by any means crying about it. but it still bugs me every time i link to a Tumblr post. i can never seem to make it do what i want it to.

i have a tumblr account, sure. but i have no idea what to do with it. and even if i did have an idea of what to do with it, i wouldn’t know how to post it.

i mean, i’m not technologically inept. obviously, or i wouldn’t have the blog you’re reading now. but something about the tumblr interface just baffles me.

this isn’t logical, i know. the site, stylistically, is clean and simple. all the buttons are big and easy to discern. yet somehow, when i’m on the post page, especially when i’m “reblogging,” i can’t shake the feeling that i’m doing it wrong. like i’ve forgotten to fill out some box, some typical n00b mistake, that will make people smirk and shake their heads.

and on the topic of reblogging, that just confuses me. most of the time there’s an option to reblog, but sometimes there’s not and i’ll see where others have reblogged. and don’t even get me started on comments. or, more accurately the fact that i don’t know how to make a comment. it seems like it should be a simple enough process, since everyone else seems to have figured it out, but i still haven’t gotten the hang of it.

at first i thought it might function like a regular blog (such as this one) where you visit the single post page to access the comment section. this does not seem to be the case. and if so, i don’t see what i’m supposed to press to make a comment. …i think in my entire tumblr history i’ve made one, maybe two, comments.

since comments are the thing that turn a site into a community, it’s no wonder that i have not delved into the Tumblr community. granted i hear it’s a snooty, single-minded community that i’d rather not be bothered with, but i’d like to make that decision for myself. but can’t. because i can’t make comments.

i just don’t get it. and until i do, my tumblr will continue to be a place to forward my tweets (and when i can get the forwarding app for G+ to work, my G+ posts).

so if anyone is willing to give tumblr lessons, i’m game. just putting that out there.

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  1. I’m obsessed with Tumblr.  But I don’t get the community thing either.  I mostly use it as a place to post my favorite fandom gifs.  Bufffy forever!!!  I think the biggest flaw is the lack of uniformity.  The design freedom on each blog makes it really difficult to figure out how to reblog or even follow someone.  I rarely ever look at anyone’s actual blog because they’re all so different and confusing (I don’t even know what mine looks like).  I follow my friends and do all my searching/reblogging through my dash where everything is uniform.  Does that make sense?  I’m even a little confused.  I don’t get the comments either.  There’s not a good way to talk directly to one person, except through ask boxes.  You can reblog something and add a comment to the end, but then everyone who follows you will see it.  Not like Twitter where you can @ specific people.  So, there are some definite flaws.  But I’ve found it’s actually where I spend most of my time online.  Something’s working for me, even if I don’t know quite what.  Ugh…sorry I wrote you a tiny novel about Tumblr!  #spam

    1. haha! i LOVE long comments! especially from you! 😛
      i’m glad to find that i’m not the only one baffled by tumblr. makes me feel far less useless! 🙂 oh, and for the record, your tumblr looks really nice. i like it. 😛

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