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hi Lee!

i don’t know why, but i just felt like i needed to write a post today. and when i logged into my blog, i saw three drafts and thought it might be interesting to share with the class. (i didn’t read them first.)

Jan. 3, 2012:
Title: Matters at Hand

i used to think if i got my hand chopped off i would prefer it be the left one. now the idea horrifies me.

this was back when every single day of my life didn’t involve typing on a keyboard. (don’t ask me why i thought about things like this as a kid, i just did.) i’m right handed so i figured as long as i was still able to write, everything would be fine.

Mar. 26, 2014:
no title

this is not a writing blog. you are not a writing blog, Lee!

if you take a peek at my other blog, you’ll see it looks a bit like a book blog. it isn’t.

and i guess if you look at most of the stuff i’ve posted to Whedonopolis, it looks like i watch a lot of TV.

i happen to read and write a lot. and- almost for the sake of Whedonopolis- i watch a fair amount of TV. so that’s what i talk about.

this is what one might call my “personal blog.” which means you get a sampling of whatever’s on my mind. usually i try to keep it pretty logical. you know, stick to one topic at a time. try to have an actual point. but sometimes my brain is buzzing and needs to dump the excess somewhere, so it ends up here in a big, rambly, sloshy mess.

so i don’t mean for this to be a blog that follows the progress of my WIP. or that i talk about my theories and revelations about writing. those things just happen to be most of the content because that’s what i’m thinking about. that’s what i care about. that’s what i’m doing.

i guess i just felt like i needed to say this because i sometimes feel very pretentious writing about writing.

the third was unwritten on Jan. 6, 2014 that i titled Like a Boss, wherein i was going to talk about how fucking weird it is that i’m a manager at Whedonopolis.

i find it interesting that all three of them, in some way, touch on me writing. considering that i don’t write professionally (yet. *fingers crossed*), i talk about writing a lot. and, just fyi, i also read about writing a lot. i’m always learning about plot and character development and world building and pacing and and and… there is so much to learn it feels absolutely daunting sometimes!

i also find it interesting- and a little sad- that i felt the need to justify the content of my blog. it’s my blog. like, on the internet. not published memoirs. sure, if this were a memoir, then it would need to be interesting and polished, and readers could expect to get something out of it. but i’m not writing this for readers. and you can’t even expect to get decent grammar out of this mess. 😛 and i don’t feel the need to justify that to anybody.

but i guess that just goes to show you never stop growing up. i mean, i was feeling like i needed to explain myself only five months ago. i don’t feel like i need to explain anything to anyone now.

oh, Lee! i forgot to tell you! when i was shopping with my friend last Friday, while we were walking through the parking structure (trying to remember where the hell we parked) i found a one way sign. just sitting there. I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED A TRAFFIC SIGN. a stop sign, or a street sign. i thought i’d have to one day get myself a good wrench and resort to vandalism. but, no. all i needed was the willingness to pick it up off the ground and take it home.

and i went on a road trip to Monterey with my family this past weekend. just, ya know, fyi. for the record. took the 1 up and the 101 back down. Cali is hella pretty, yo!

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