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hi Lee!

considering you’re my blog that i write to keep track of my day-lee life, i am doing a really terrible job of updating you lately. i mean, usually my life is so boring and uneventful. i finally get some ripples up in this placid pond, and i don’t even update.

so i had two first days in a week and a half.

the first one was in Beverly Hills with my aunt as my boss. the second one is where i am now, in Studio City. which is closer to home and only takes 15 minutes in morning traffic, but the office space was way nicer in Beverly Hills. but, ya know, employed. so whatev.

got my first paycheck last Friday, and i can’t even tell you how nice it is not having to worry about bills anymore. …actually i could go into explicit detail, but that would just be boring, so moving on!

as for my writing life, i am currently still editing Theta. i mentioned last time that it looks like a sieve it’s got so many plot holes, but i’ve got all the scenes loaded into my the timeline, so now i can look at it all at once and move, add and eliminate things as necessary. i also have to make sure i log in all the injuries and give my characters realistic healing times. unlike my more recent WIPs, i wrote with the intention of adjusting time later. which is such a terrible way to do things! i wrote a fight scene and thought, “i’ll just mention how much time has passed later.” i also have to deal with how i’m going to explain either one character’s lack of sleep, or another character delaying his actions. either that or i’ve gotta figure out how to incorporate time travel. (btw: totally not incorporating time travel since that’s already in one, possibly two other WIPs).

for the record, i officially think that editing is MUCH harder than writing. it’s like, where do you start? tightening the prose, or fixing the holes, or character continuity? and my god! i’ve already cut out two or three scenes (and i know i’ll cut at least three more) because they aren’t moving the story forward at all! and i can’t even tell you how many scenes i’m going to blend for pacing. and i need to strengthen both characters voices since it switches perspective. i find parts throughout where it’s in a neutral voice or the opposite character’s voice. i’m at least glad that i don’t have that problem in my other WIPs.

i just have to figure out how to make all my WIPs read like Mirrors (which i only have snippets of, but love). every time i read a snippet from that, it’s so very in character and i only change word choice here and there.

anywho, lunch break’s over. time to get back to work. see ya, Lee!

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