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WAY overdue updating you, Lee!

i feel like it is taking WAY too long to finish my current WIP. Camp NaNoWriMo is coming and i have three options. though if i go by one of my friend’s instincts, then i should write Mirrors. which would probably be the best choice for a Camp novel.

unlike my other two options- Angels and Vampires– my MC in Mirrors is really fun. the way she talks is fun, how she makes her choices is fun, most of the time she’s having fun. Angels is all about fighting and deciding what divides right from wrong, while Vampires is all about humanity and redemption. Even my current WIP is about justice, revenge and where the lines blur between criminal and hero. Mirrors touches upon humanity, and justice, and morality, but it’s more about will versus fate, and sacrifice. what are you willing to trade to be happy or to do the right thing?

…where the fuck did all these themes come from? i mean. these are just stories that formed in my head. i’m very loosely paraphrasing, but they’re just what Neil Gaiman would say are “what ifs.” what if angels and demons were at war? what if vampires took over the world? what if you could travel between dimensions. one of them is a dream i had. i didn’t at any point think: “I really want to write about an anti-hero who toes the line between bloody vengeance and benevolent justice.”

i actually would like to write a novel about the ways people hurt each other, and the justifications we make to ourselves. i’m not sure exactly how to write that book. i can’t build stories around concepts. i have to get a bit of dialogue, or someone reacting to a situation. (like with Angels, someone casually breaking horrible news. or in Vampires, someone trying to hide an unusual malady. or in Theta, choosing to trust against your (and everyone else’s) better judgement.) once i hear that dialogue, or see that reaction/ situation, the story practically builds itself in my mind.

*sigh* whether or not i’m any good at transferring my thoughts to prose is yet to be seen. after my current WIP and Camp NaNo are through, i plan to edit Theta. i already have a few changes for the beginning, as well as a few cuts in mind. with any luck, i’ll have something worthy of beta readers by the time i’m through.

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