a rather disappointing amount of the time, i am pitifully behind the curve. part of this is due to my stubborn attachment to the illogical notion that my bed is the most productive location ever. the other part is that i still refuse to learn the irrefutable lesson that John Green’s suggestions are good ones.

because of this lesson unlearned, i did not click the link he posted 2 weeks ago to C.G.P. Grey’s channel, and instead had to stumble upon it myself to become addicted. (so embarrassing, i know) it’s just, like, an endless fountain of information about all kinds of stuff. it’s awesome! …ok, clearly it’s not and ENDLESS fountain. i may be overselling it on that point. but it’s still awesome, nonetheless.*

this discovery is also important to me because, after getting a hazelnut latte at lunch time, i got so busy watching YouTube (CGPGrey to be precise) that I accidentally drank the whole thing instead of sipping it for the rest of the day. but i’m not worried because i happened to watch this, so everything’s ok.

i’ve also decided that i should just go ahead and jump into John Green fangirldom. i mean, it’s gonna be a really effortless transition. i already have all the ingredients, so there’s really no good reason not to.

* why is that a word? also, “nevertheless.” ???

bitchin! (an adaptation)

>so early this morning i wrote a blog. and that was all good and fine but APPARENTLY that was just NOT ENOUGH for me! no! i needed to do something! i needed to express myself even MORE SO! and really, kids, there’s only one way to sufficiently accomplish that: VLOGGING!!!!

so here it is. yesterdays this morning’s blog. in vlog format.


yeah, we’re gonna pretend that little interjection there never happened. it’s forgotten already, right? what interjection? don’t even know what i’m talking about. <3<!– text

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>YouTube is magic

>YouTube is magic.

i’m sure i’ve written this sentiment before, but i have no problem reiterating.

YouTube is magic.

i had one of those nights where you sit down at your computer at a decent hour to be sitting down at your computer (8:30-9pm) and you don’t stop watching the YouTubes until midnight. i started at Black Box TV, then to 7NAP, then to the latest from Dome, then to the latest Frezned, then some older Frezned, then Meekakitty (who i hadn’t watched before!), then a Whataboutadam (who i also hadn’t watched before), then back to Meekakitty. she’s psycho! i now LOVE her! i mean, i thought she was pretty cool when i met her in person at VidCon, but seeing her vlogs and knowing who she is… well, she’s epic!

and that’s just how YouTube goes, ya know. you can even meet someone for real, “IRL” (i still hate that phrase. but it’s your name. shut up! we’re not talking about that.), and STILL not really not know them without seeing their vlogs. is that what life is now? no one will be real to me unless i’ve seen their vlogs?

i think vlogs say something about a person. how alike they are to their vlogs vs. how much is scripted is rather telling i think. like, i try to be very much myself in my vlogs. or at least show the more energetic side of me. cuz my calm side would be boring. XD but yeah, you see Meekakitty in person and it’s the same as she is in vlogs. but you see Alex Day (Nerimon) and he’s just really calm. he like, takes his energy level up a notch. literally! he jumps up and down a few times to get the blood flowing. it’s like… watching a transformation. but a very subtle one. it’s not that it’s a farce, more like a facet. it’s real, but it’s just one side that he’s turned to. i think i do so as well, but in a far less extreme sense. i think my calm and energetic are probably less extreme than his. and Meekakitty seems not to have facets. she just is. which is awesome.

but all of that was NOT THE POINT! the point was, it’s amazing how YouTube is this thing full of interesting people to watch, you just haven’t found them yet. it’s packed with awesome that is free to access if you have the time. and it’s interactive! there’s nothing else in the world like it!

my money is like… well the money situation is looking grimmer than a few months ago. but i do know one thing: i’m going to VidCon. (and i’ll be staying in a hotel this time. definitely with Tiff. but hopefully also with Meg and Lydia. also with whoever else will fit in our floorspace. but this is neither here nor there.) it was the most amazing experience of my life and i know next year can only surpass it. and i would be cheating myself NOT to go.

also, i’m going to be vlogging. cuz it does the body good. or at least it does the brain and possibly the social situation (if you’re a nerd like me) good. and even if it didn’t, i just like it. there’s nothing like vlogging and when i don’t do it, i miss it.

so after tomorrow, 4 day weekend, yo! and Thanksgiving. fits into that 4 day weekend. so turkey. and eating. and awesome. and stuff. yeah.

anyway. it’s late, and i need to sleep now. so i’m gonna do that. later! ^_^<!– text

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>YouTube Spam

>hello blog! wow! it’s been a WHILE! did you miss me?!
ok, that was rhetorical. we both know you didn’t, but that doesn’t mean you should say so!

ok, so i found this little gem waiting for me in my email this morning. take a gander:

so there are several flaws in this proposition. let us go through them now.

  1. ok first, this is an ad. it is trying to entice people. “If you jus tried a bit harder you wud get notice more” that’s kind of insulting. they’re saying i’m not trying hard enough? also, “You cud do well to watch it”. F you! you condescending prick!
  2. “this is the first time i saw a real Vid No the people acting up for the cam n stuff u got raw talent.” i’d say, anyone watching YouTube for a “long time” has most likely seen a “real vid.” it’s just plain statistics. not to mention, EVERYONE is “acting up for the cam”!!! psych 101, anybody? and finally, i think we can all agree that there are many vloggers with far more “raw talent” than i possess! *cough*Lydia*cough*Meg*cough**choke*charlieissocoollike*cough**splutter**cough*vlogbrothers*cough* whoa! written cough attack! brutal!
  3. apparently, ol’ Marcus was simultaneously inspired by 21 individuals. AMAZING! all of us, just oozing with untapped “raw talent”!
  4. Marcus apparently goes by the alias Emeline Tery Anese (emelineteryanese). what i can only interpret as three female names. fascinating.
  5. who the eff is emalineteryanese?!?! your ad might be a little more convincing if ANYONE knew who the fuck you are.
  6. improper use of gratuitous punctuation. i mean, seriously! “amazing video!!!!!!!..” and you’ve all read my writing! there’s an example of gratuitous punctuation in my last point(s)! i enjoy gratuitous punctuation! …and smileys. but i digress.
  7. you didn’t think i wasn’t gonna mention the grammer (or, more precisely, the lack thereof) did you? seriously, this is the piece de resistance!
    • the optional punctuation. sometimes we end our sentences with a period, sometimes we don’t. completely random!
    • the random capitalization of the word “vid” along with the lowercase “i’s”. freakin’ hell!
    • misspelled words that i just found generally offensive (in order of appearance): cam, n, jus, wud, alot, ya, and cud. yes, i know that “cam” and “ya” aren’t that offensive, but in conjunction with the rest of this mess, they’re intolerable.

so yeah. btw, i hate YouTube spam. especially poorly (if at all) thought out spam. also, i needed to update you, blog, since i haven’t updated in forever, so i thought i’d share this! ^_^<!– text

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>in the future

>hello blog!

so, i am very excited about VidCon. i mean, VERY excited. i mean, i think about it at least once a day. if it’s not getting stuff to be signed and how i’m going to acquire those signatures for both myself and the Guide, then it’s the birthday celebration part of the weekend and figuring out the logistics of it.
turning another year older is not impressive to me in the least. in fact, i would very much like NOT to get a year older. the celebration with friends who normally are in different states and countries however, sounds wonderful!

there are two things i’m doing, appropriately on video, for VidCon.
1) i’m doing a three part series (there are three History Mondays on 5BD till VidCon) covering cameras and video and the like.
2) i’m going to be vlogging every day from June 9th – July 8th in a project designed for all those going to VidCon to a) get to know each other and b) dust off those neglected channels and get reacquainted with video making. VidCon does, after all, stand for Video Conference.

so last night i watched a bunch of Gears‘ (the one responsible for this brilliant idea) videos and he did a thing where he vlogged every day in March. (i don’t know if he was aware of VEDA at the time) and he did it so that he would stop planning every aspect of his videos, from his background to his clothing. and this new project of his, vlogging every day till VidCon, will help me achieve goals a and b, but it will also help me do what Gears did in March. stop being so freaking self-conscious!!!

i’ve done it with this blog. my last blog post would NEVER have happened if i had been self conscious about it. it’s so fangirl! “i don’t want to be seen as a fangirl! ugh! i’d rather be dead!” and, of course, everyone reading my blog is going to disregard every post i’ve ever written before, and every blog after, and judge me solely on the “fangirl blog.”

so i need to have the same approach with my vlog. nothing will ever get posted to that channel if i keep being self-conscious about it! i have footage from at least 2 or 3 videos that i’ve never posted because i was too self-conscious.

so while we’re talking about things i’m going to start doing, i’ve been wanting to do something, another device to get me vlogging, less self-conscious and getting to know people better: no comments, only vid response.

i can record video and post to YT straight from my phone, and my video camera has a feature to download straight to YT, so it’s not like loading a bunch of response videos would be a hassle. i have a small arsenal of technology that makes it incredibly easy. so after VidCon, this is my plan!

also, Daily Booth. i HAVE NOT been posting to DB enough! and once again, it’s because i don’t want to take a boring picture. god forbid i’m not perceived as absolutely brilliant and fascinating! so expect those a bit more often as well! 🙂

so that should more or less cover my online plans for the next 2 months. XD <!– text

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>something has to affect you for you to make a video about it.

the bits you take out of a video can be just as telling (if not more so) than the bits you put in.

i made a video about a list of the “proper” terms to use for the disabled. while editing the video i constantly thought, “no, take that out. you don’t want to spoon-feed people. let them come to the conclusion.” also, i didn’t want it to ramble on. i wanted it to be short, clipped, blunt.

unfortunately, i overlooked that sometimes a little encouragement with the first spoonful is necessary.

but enough about spoons. Steve commented on my video, clearly a bit offended. i clarified the best i could with a 500 character limit, but found that i needed to say more. because clarifying myself made me think about why i posted the video in the first place.

Steve was offended because he thought i was blatantly disagreeing with the “politically correct” terms. (and in a few cases, i was) but terminology on a list did not move me to make a video. the existence of such a list moved me to make a video.

the most telling of the footage on the cutting room floor was the part about my autistic brother. they said not to use the term “autistic” but to say instead, “a person with autism” thus punctuating that they are a person. however, i find this insulting. the fact that they feel the need to point out that he’s a person is saying that someone could ever make a mistake otherwise. such that if you don’t point out that you are in fact talking about a person, one could reason that someone autistic is sub-human.

with a few exceptions, the entire list is like this. it contains some contradictions, but it’s mostly a list of euphemisms.

eu⋅phe⋅mism  [yoo-fuh-miz-uhm]–noun

1. the substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive, harsh, or blunt.

2. the expression so substituted: “To pass away” is a euphemism for “to die.”

the mere fact that they feel a need to have a euphemism suggests that there is something wrong, or dirty or offensive that needs to be smoothed over and made acceptable. i find this concept, when applied to the disabled, appalling.

i’ve learned an important lesson about video editing tonight. some things need explanation. even if you’re preaching to the choir. otherwise, people may get the wrong idea.

i’m looking forward to tomorrow’s video (already edited an ready to post). no one will get offended! except maybe if you’re a stoner.

the list and video in question:

<!– text

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>so… who’s stressed out cuz they have to re-shoot one video, and do another that they should have done yesterday? yeah, yep, that would be me. i was supposed to have that stuff in the can! i don’t know what happened!
ok, this is bad. now i’m lying to my blog. blatant neglect is one thing, but when the lying starts…
i, in fact, know EXACTLY what happened. i was like, “yeah, i know i have vids to shoot, but i’m just gonna sit here and watch YouTube, and talk to Sam, and Karolina, and Emma, and Amy instead. i’ll shoot later.” and then it was later. and i made a vid on my laptop. and the mic picked up the sound of the fan in my laptop, so now i have a P4A video with shitty sound, and that’s simply unacceptable, and… this is a run-on sentence, i’m gonna use a period now. sorry for those i’ve offended with my complete abandon of grammar.
so long story short, i have to start churning out video as soon as i get home!
the good news is i did make an audio track for the P4A video intro. it’s kind of bad, but i’m gonna use it anyway. so don’t make fun of me when you hear it, k? thanx!

so… yeah. one day i’m gonna actually have to work while i’m at work. i am NOT looking forward to that day! there’s too many things to do online!

ps. i love that one of the options in the dropdown when i type a “p” in the labels box is “half blood prince” followed by “harry potter.” :)<!–

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>Life on the Ning

>**Note: i started writing this and never finished. i have no idea where i was going with this**

last night had to be the nerdiest night of my life.

i spent a solid 6 hrs. talking to people on Skype. whilst doing this, i watched YouTube (The Guild FTW), and did the tag game on Daily Booth.

while i usually don’t do that for 6 hrs, i DO end up doing some of those things EVERY NIGHT.