things have changed

so yesterday was all about getting Christmas gifts into boxes and shipped out. …maybe it should have been about work since, ya know, that’s what i was supposed to be doing, but hey! Christmas! am i right?

since i was busy sending packages (and putting the finishing touches on my project) i didn’t get time to chat with the receptionist* till an hour before quitting time. I did briefly say, “This is for my friend Sam.” or “This is for my friend Meg.” as i put boxes up front to picked up by the mail man, but that was it. And let me just precede this whole thing by saying, when i did go chat with the receptionist, it was 15 minutes.
so you’ll probably remember Douche Master, aka boss #2. well, i guess he was afraid he might lose his title or something because he comes up and says, “Wow! You’ve been doing a lot of talking up here today.”
to which i reacted with genuine surprise and said, “Have I? I don’t think I’ve been up here a lot today.” and i looked to my coworker to get her opinion.
she said, “No! You haven’t been up here much at all today.”
then he wandered off.
“Why does he think I’ve been up here a lot today?” i asked.
“I don’t know,” she said, looking bewildered.
“Weird,” i said.
“Silly man,” she said, and we continued our conversation.
the reason i’m even mentioning this exchange is to share the difference in my reaction. in the past i might have apologized, quickly cut off my conversation and slunk away. and i know what has caused the change: my coworker. she’s my friend** so i felt confident enough to just be myself and react as i normally would. it’s amazing the difference having a friend there has.
hopefully this will discourage him from continuing his asshole behaviour in the future. it’s doubtful, but i can hope, right? although it doesn’t really matter anyway since, with a friend in my corner, he doesn’t even bother me anymore. 🙂

as for Christmas, i’m just really excited for all my friends to get their gifts. especially to see what they think of my project i made for them. #loveitorhateit

oh, and i just read the blog where i gave Douche Master his nickname, and i think it’s really funny that i said,

i hope something happens so that i only work in the back and don’t have to be in the front office and deal with him.

which just so happens to be my precise work situation right now. i love when things work out that way. 😛

* i would say her name, but i’m going to keep up the tradition of anonymity for my coworkers.
** to me, a friend is someone who loves and supports you. if you’re reading this blog, you are probably one of these people.

>cleaning up

>hello blog!

i always miss writing, though that doesn’t stop me from being lazy. XD

so i don’t have too much to say, but i have to at least say this much. this morning i was trying to help Darlene change out a part on the copier. as it happens, said part was full of toner (which is powder) and when i picked it up i spilled some on the front of my brand new shirt.*
the stuff that got on my jeans all rubbed out with a paper towel, but of course the stuff on the shirt did not. my coworker suggested that i try vacuuming it out. and so i went into the janitorial room and vacuumed myself.
most of it came out and you don’t even really see it now. which is good because i’m going to a Web Soup taping tonight and don’t have time to stop at home and change my clothes.
i don’t know what the rest of the day has in store for me, but it can’t be any weirder than vacuuming yourself at 9:30 in the morning.

*when i say brand new, i mean i literally took the shirt out of the pouch it was shipped in and put it on.
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>see-through glass

>haven’t got one of these in a while. good to know some things will never change.

wow, that was really niche. there are only so many people in the world who even receive those. luckily, the only two people who read my blog are on a collab channel with me, so everybody’s in on the joke.

so for some deranged reason, i decided to sleep all day and stay up all night for the past two days. as you probably can imagine, this has fucked my sleep schedule sideways. i’m probably due to crash in the next few hours and will need mega doses of caffeine or a second wind (the second wind being the preference and the caffeine being what will actually happen). now that that* has occurred to me, i realize that deciding to write my blog during lunch time is an excellent idea. because if i wait until i get home, it will NOT get written. #truefacts

ok, so right now i’m gonna make good on my word yesterday as well as tell a little related story that just happened all of 10 minutes ago. (all this recent day-to-day shit. you’d think i was blogging daily or something**)

so here is a picture of the reception area i’m in until my area is ready:

now, what you have to know about all that glass is it’s tinted. so you can’t see inside until you are very close or it’s dark outside with lights on inside. as a result, i have become accustomed to staring at people through huge panes of glass without them knowing it. so when i was in line at Chipotle, and i looked through the glass trying to decide the hotness level of a guy walking in, i suddenly realized that he could see me. i did NOT look behind me AT ALL after he walked in. note to self: must remember that the ONLY time people can’t see you through glass is at work.

sometimes i am very not smart.

….dammit! i was going to tell you something else today blog, but i can’t remember what it is! oh yeah! i was gonna ramble about NaNoWriMo. which seems really weird in April but will all make sense when i do it. tomorrow. because i am out of time today. and also i have to ramble something for the next 19 days (if my maths are wrong, i don’t know why you’re even bothered by it since you should know by now that i can’t do maths.***) so i’ll keep that one in my pocket and only have 18 topics to worry about!

* i absolutely hate writing sentences that have “that” in succession. and as such, you’d think i’d just reword the sentence. however, that would take a bit of patience and some actual talent, both of which i am completely lacking.

** fun fact: i would love to have one full year where i blog every day, if for no other reason, because it would make me a better writer. but every year on Jan. 1st i go, “meh.” and/or on Jan. 2nd i go, “aw! i wanted to do that blog every day of the year thing. …well, i could just start today. i’d only be missing the first day. …nope. that’s lame. all or nothing. i’ll do it next year.” so yeah, now you know how i’ve begun the last four years. *sarcasm*SO AWESOME!*/sarcasm*

*** it occurs to me that the little joke i was trying to pull by saying i’m so bad at math that i call it maths doesn’t actually translate to people (such as the two who are actually reading this) who have an international pool of friends they talk to every day, some for whom**** “maths” is a proper spelling. i realize if i had read maths, even in an American’s blog, i would simply assume they were using the British spelling for effect. *sigh* sometimes being in an international community is hard. :/

**** Meg, Lydia is that correct? it doesn’t sound right in my head any other way. :/ #grammarquestions #confused #toolazytogoogle #grammarexpertsreadmyblog #nowi’mintimidatedandselfconscious #nonotreally #waytoomanyhashtags

—-3:20pm Update: i remembered what i wanted to mention! when i was in line at Chipotle (quite an eventful time for me today, apparently) a guy wanted to walk through the line, and said “Scusi.” i was taken off-guard. not because i didn’t know what it meant, but because it sounded so pretentious and douchey! in conclusion, i will no longer be saying “scusi.”<!– text

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>unexpected rant

>ok blog. so, i wrote part of this post earlier. you’ll see why when you get to that part. in the mean time, i’m writing this as fast as i can so i can get to sleep cuz… well i’m always staying up to late cuz i’m some sort of masochist. like, a masochist who likes causing myself the mental pain of only being able to survive a work day by chugging caffeine. no, i don’t understand it either.

anyway, here’s what i wrote earlier. more of the normal babble to follow.

oh, blog. i was going to wait till i got home to update you on my entire day, but some things you have to get out while they’re fresh.

i just got THE rudest call EVER! (i’m answering the phone at work until we get a receptionist.)

this guy calls from some center for abused women and children. and i’m like, “what is the call regarding… besides… that?” and he’s like, “what didn’t you understand about the question?” already, i think he’s an asshole. “well, are you looking for a donation, or… what?” “i asked to speak to the owner.” “well, (slight pause as i choose my words) if this is a solicitation, then that won’t matter.” “are you a college graduate? because it doesn’t sound like you are.”

i. was. FURIOUS!

“yes, i am. and now i’m hanging up on you because you are rude.”

i wasn’t furious because he questioned my education. like, i’m not offended personally. i’m offended that he assumes that anyone answering the phone is uneducated. i’m offended that he assumes that someone without a college degree is lesser than. and i’m offended that he thought that he could call me out and bully me. people who think like that are so sickening!

but the worst part isn’t the fact that i had to deal with someone like that. the worst part is that abused women and children have someone like that speaking on their behalf. they’d be better off with no representation at all!

also, i would be remiss not to say: how many people do you know who go around asking if a call is a “solicitation.” not that non-college graduates don’t know the word, but it’s less likely that they will use it in a common phone exchange. if he weren’t such a power-tripping imbecile he would have been clued in to my education level just from my vernacular. *sigh* so MANY morons in the world!

so yeah. i was really upset at that particular moment. and i mean, seriously, why is that guy allowed to call anyone? it’s too bad we don’t have caller ID at work or i would have complained to his manager.

so the rest of my day was mainly uneventful. i watched the first two episodes of the new season of United States of Tara when i got home. i couldn’t talk myself into the 1hr 40 min. long series premiere of Borgias.

what’s that? you’ve never heard of Borgias? don’t worry about it. don’t even Google it. seriously. you’ll probably be better off. that’s right. the seemingly non-stop advertisements put me off it that much. that and Nurse Jackie. you wanna hear my impression of the last season of Nurse Jackie? “You’re a drug addict.” “You’re a drug addict.” “You’re a drug addict.” “Admit you have a problem.” “You didn’t tell anyone you had a husband?” “How long are you going to keeps this secret?” “You’re a drug addict.”

what’s that you say? i didn’t see the last season of Nurse Jackie??? didn’t need to. Showtime insisted upon showing me an add before every episode of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I WATCHED! …ok. maybe i’m being a little dramatic. it wasn’t everything. it was interspersed with ads for Borgias. i pretty much know the story line for the first half of the season. and i’m sure, if they continue their 15 minute blocks of ads after every show, i’ll get to see the highlights of the second half as well.

what happened to the good old days when “premium” channels only showed quick teasers for their shows and got back to the programming. fucking TV.

anyway, it’s 10pm, i’m really tired and this whole blog has been a ranty mess. one topic more pointless than the next. i mean, honestly, i didn’t intend to rant at all. all i was gonna say was i watched United States of Tara, that i like that show despite it’s goofiness, and that i’m gonna go to bed. and then that whole rant just launched a surprise attack!

and though i stand by every word of my other rant, it was also spontaneous and unintentional.

yeah, that was my roundabout (and rather long-winded) way of saying sorry for all the whining. i’ll try to be a little more stable tomorrow.

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a rant

this is not a “my feelings are hurt” rant. this is not a “it’s unfair” rant. this is a “why am i stuck with a fucking child as a boss” rant.

not boss 1 (thank god!) or the youngest, boss 3. but boss 2, boss 1’s brother.

father and son are out of town, thus leaving me only with boss 2. this already makes me go, “ugh!” but that is not the problem.

it is boss 2’s birthday today. as with everyone’s birthday, he got a cake. one of my other co-workers is notorious for taking a large slice of cake and sometimes returning for seconds. just to be a dick (though i’m sure if you hear his version it was to be funny) boss 2 waited to cut the first slice, just to make said co-worker wait. we’re setting the stage here mind you. the rant is about to begin.

so he finally does cut the cake, and presents the first piece to my office mate. and she says, “the first piece? i feel special.” and boss 2 says, “you are special, (name here).” it’s not that he did something nice. it’s that he does these things and is specifically not nice to me. ever. and it is punctuated by how whenever ANYONE ELSE does nice things, they always do them for each of us. ALWAYS.

some days he just comes in and says, “good morning, (name here)!” with extra vigor. then doesn’t even look at me. but this one took extra effort. and i just have to say:

seriously? what are you trying to get out of this? what is the goal? cuz honestly, the only thing you’re achieving is me wanting (even more) to be far away from you. if you have some problem with me, i don’t have control over it, and you need to sort it out.

it’s just so annoying to have to work with someone like this. and it’s not like i can just avoid him entirely (as i would like to) because he’s a boss. ugh! and he NEVER takes a day off! i hope something happens so that i only work in the back and don’t have to be in the front office and deal with him. he’s such a vile person!

…you know what? from now on, we shall refer to him as “douche master.” i don’t expect he’ll be appearing in my blog very often, but when he does, “douche master” shall be his name. <!– text

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>personal swarm

>i don’t like eating lunch at work. i drive around the block, park in the shade, and eat my lunch in my car. then i listen to a podcast, or read, or talk on the phone, whatever.

it’s rather hot today so i rolled my windows down to catch the breeze. so i’m eating my lunch when a bee starts trying to get into my car. i close my windows, making it immediately 10 degrees hotter in the car and wait for a full minute for the bee to lose interest. it’s nearly boiling by the time i get to open my window again.

it’s not thirty seconds before another bee comes and takes its full minute to try to bake me alive. but it finally loses interest too, and i roll my windows down again.

the car hasn’t had a chance to cool back down completely before a hornet turns up. while i’m waiting for the hornet to leave, more bees show up. all the while it’s getting hotter in the car.

a mail truck, a vehicle with no doors, is parked a little ways down the street. it’s been there a few minutes and i see the mail carrier casually get out and walk to the back of the truck. which communicates to me that he is NOT being plagued by a handful of bees and hornets. this is an isolated incident.

i give up and drive back to work. :(<!– text

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>dull dreaming

>”sitting under my desk, making swirls in my cocoa.”

that is how i would like to update my twitter status. unfortunately, i work in the front office, so instead i am limited to only making swirls. no sub-desk adventures for me. :/

wow. if i didn’t work in the front and have to be presentable, my co-workers would think i was insane. …well, considerably more insane than they think i am now.

so, hi blog. i was feeling a bit down last time i visited. and it wasn’t that i was being cryptic about it or anything. it’s just that’s how low i felt. i couldn’t even fathom the words to describe how i felt. i feel a bit better now, though.

as always, i’m working on side projects. right now i’m working on the #hotnerdsexy website. by the time i’m done it’s going to be very clean and simple. and all things considered that is proving to be a bit difficult. the thing is, i keep thinking of things it would be cool to do and then having to figure out how to do them. i need to focus on doing the re-launch, and then worrying about the bells and whistles. but alas, i am forever getting ahead of myself.

thinking of #hns, we’re recording a new episode today! i think it’s gonna be better than last episode. everything was out of sorts last episode. kinda sub-par. this episode will be much better. even with me feeling kinda sleepy. i’m gonna get caffeinated on my way home. 🙂

i still feel like #hns could use something, but i don’t know what yet. ah well. we’ll come across it soon enough.

so now i’ve got 20 minutes left of work. and i really felt like leaving early today. the only reason i didn’t is because i came in late. so i figured it’d be best to stick it out. though it would have been much easier to stick it out from under my desk. the light wouldn’t be as bright down there. i could drape my sweater over the front and make an office fort. and i could see who’s coming and be able to deflect them with ease. (mostly by calling out in a small, muffled voice, “no one’s here!”) it would be awesome.

ok. it’s only been five minutes since our last time check, but i’ve had enough. i’m gonna assume no one will care or notice if i’m gone in the next 5 minutes.

*escapes*<!– text

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>this is a quickie folks. so here’s what just happened:

back story (so that this makes sense): i pass out a terabyte external hard drive to every one of the engineers every Thursday so they can back up their data.

my coworker comes in, and he tilts the drive a bit before he sets it down on my desk. then he says, “oops! i spilled some data there!” #nerdjokes #soawful #ilawled

and that concludes our quickie. i hope it was as good for you as it was for me. <!– text

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>seeing the arrow


because damned Alex Day turns off comments on his blog after a while, i can’t make this comment on the appropriate post. but i can’t just not share this either.

now, i read that post before, and it bugged me then. now, for some reason, it was still in my reader “unread”. which allowed it to bug me again. what, exactly is it that bugs me?

well, dear reader, i make my living by, among other things, sending FedEx packages. For the past 2 years there hasn’t been a work day gone by without me seeing one. Therefore, my complete bewilderment at having never seen said arrow in the logo absolutely infuriated me! however, upon the first read of that blog entry, it was a busy day at work and i had to spend my time sending FedEx and not staring at it.

but today i was determined. “dammit, if anyone should see that arrow, it should be me!” i thought. “i’m gonna walk to my back area and stare at that FedEx box (there is, in fact, a large sized FedEx box sitting back there) until i see that arrow!” and i got up, marched to the back and stared at the FedEx box. i frowned, as i saw nothing. “maybe if i tilt my head, look from different angles, another perspective?” a small tilt to the right, and i FINALLY SAW IT! there the arrow was. and i was so excited, i had to come share with you about it! i won’t tell you where it is, because that moment when your perception shifts is magical and i wouldn’t want to deprive you of that. but here’s the logo so you can see it for yourself! 🙂

in hindsight, i coulda just asked the FedEx guy. but, honestly, where’s the fun in that?
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>seriously?! – BEDA 20

Fatigue Meter: 5

i told myself earlier that i should just blog and get it out of the way, but did i listen to myself? of course not! freakin’ know-it-all!
no, i had to say, “no, i’ll have PLENTY of time later! i won’t even get tired!” yeah, i don’t know who’s character and past experiences i was thinking of when i came to that conclusion, but it clearly wasn’t mine!

and quickly, for the record, i tried to upload all the icons for the rest of the month again tonight and it worked flawlessly. i didn’t do ANYTHING different from last night. the interenet (or at least Photobucket) was just intent upon fucking me over.

so today’s challenge was trying not to fall asleep at work. i wasn’t really tired, it was just really boring. i was NOT in a work mood today. :/

also, one of my coworkers wanted me to make a PDF of a report. i suggested that they send me the Word doc and i’d convert it, as opposed to running it through the copier and scanning it to PDF, because that way it’s a smaller file.
Coworker: “Oh! It is?”
Me: “Yep!” 🙂
Coworker: “Ok, i’ll tell Dave to send you the file.”
Not 5 minutes pass when said coworker walks into my office and says, “so Dave’s gonna send you the file, so just convert it to a PDF, so that way it’s a smaller file, ok?”


i wish i were exaggerating. even just a little bit. but i’m not. i think i should at least get a gold star or something for simply replying, “ok” and nodding instead of letting the commentary in my head stream out of my mouth, which was, “seriously?! i just told YOU that not 5 minutes ago! you’re telling me now?”

and i’m not even going to get into the time she gave me a crash course in how to effectively change modes on the phone. oh wait, i did that rant, didn’t i? see? i don’t always neglect my blog!

well, i’ve got crap to finish and email to the Guide staff, so i’ll end it here. see you tomorrow blogsphere!

ps. Lydia, now every time i say, “seriously?!” i think of “Really?! with Lydia and Chelsea.” (omg! that poor hookworm!)<!– text

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