>hey blog!

so i don’t know how, but we’ve been making our way through this month pretty damn fast. WAY faster than i was expecting. because of this, i’ve finally spent some time preparing for my podcast.

i was gonna go to Sci-Fi Friday* tonight, but i just was too tired to go. just driving home is tiring now since it’s never gonna take less than 30 minutes now. kind of annoying.

even though it’s only 10:30 i feel pretty tired now. yet there’s still so many things i want to do. …like watch the first two seasons of ReBoot. because nothing says nostalgia like watching the cartoons you grew up with. and i’m SO glad that i’ve procrastinated looking up that show till now. cuz they JUST released it last month. and they’re releasing season 3&4 (the last seasons) in June. so, yeah. perfect timing, universe. we should coordinate things like this more often.

in other news, i really need to just pick one thing to focus on and do it. i can’t decide on one thing and end up not doing anything. like, i start doing one thing and in the process of doing that thing, i think of something else, and i start doing that thing, and that keeps going till i get around to the first thing, and the circle keeps going until i go to sleep. and at the end of that circle i haven’t made any real progress on any one thing because by the time i get back to it i’m like, “where was i?” and i have to back track, and by the time i get to the point where i left off, i get distracted again. right now that’s the description of my entire life. :/

ok, blog. you’ve suffered through my aimless rambling for long enough now. we’ll take a break from the torture for now and take up again tomorrow.

also, this: http://youtu.be/3V0YaS6c7f0

* same lady who put together the Buffy Meet-Ups also has get-togethers at her house. she is the one who is having the Doctor Who viewing party. <!– text

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