>fake quo

>so, i’m sure you’ve noticed that every post so far has had music to go with it. and i’m gonna keep that up, blog. cuz, well, i enjoy it and since this is my blog, we’re gonna do what i like. now, you may be saying, “uh-uh! you did NOT have music every day. the other day, day two, you did NOT have music.” and this is true. originally that post did not have music. it was supposed to, but SoundCloud wouldn’t cooperate, and it was 11:50pm, so i was out of time. but it’s there now!

Andrew Bird – Fake Palindromes by ChelseaIRL

oh, i am tired today blog. as much as i would love to ramble on, this is gonna have to be cut short, cuz i think i’m gonna try to actually get a decent amount of sleep tonight. a major step in one of my #secretplans is gonna happen tomorrow! i’m very excited about this. and a little nervous. and i really hope you like it!

oh, and thinking of stuff i haven’t told you yet, i made a twitter account called @BEDAlist i’m basically gonna RT all announcements of new posts as well as announce all posts as i notice they’ve been posted. so if you forget to read a blog or something, there will be a little twitter reminder to help you out. 🙂 this has two purposes: 1) to help everyone read each other’s blogs. 2) to make me stay current on everybody’s blogs.

if you know anyone who should be on the list and is not, just tweet their Skype name at me and i’ll get it sorted.

i’m so tired right now i can’t quite think straight. i did NOT get enough sleep last night. and i’m too tired right now to even remember why. and i’ve got a busy day ahead of me, blog. stupid work is always getting in the way of my life, i swear!

ok, if you’ve known me for longer than this blog post, then you’ve see me say that before. what do i mean by that? i do not believe work is your life. exception being if you actually like your job. like, live for what you’re doing. otherwise, those 40 hours are just what you do so you can afford the other 128. and it’s really not fair cuz about 56 of those 128 real life hours are spent sleeping. so really, give or take a few, you’re only getting 56 hours a week of real life. that’s not even three days a week! personally, it makes me want to figure out ways to make an independent living or spend less time sleeping. point is, i wanna turn that time table inside out. i want to be getting at least 100 hours a week of real life time. that’s about 4 days. i think that’s only fair to get most the days of the week. i mean, after all, for all we can really physically prove, this IS the only life we’ll be getting a shot at. we don’t even know if we’ll have any sort of consciousness afterward. and if you ask me, that makes my time just that much more precious here. and more than half of it is being spent working and sleeping. if you ask me, those scales are WAY off kilter.

so there you go. in summary, let there be music, follow @BEDAlist, and disrupt the status quo. “because the status is not quo!” ok, i’m gonna leave you now so i can spend my time sleeping instead of reading, researching, and basically having a nerdy good time.

BONUS CONTENT: if you know Clive at all, then 0:55 will be epic. if you don’t know Clive… well i’m not sure we can still be friends. yeah, he’s just that awesome.

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>bad mood

Fatigue Meter: 10

Chelsea and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

ok, so it wasn’t that bad (like at all), but i still wanted to say that. (book nostalgia FTW!)i wish i had written my blog earlier when i was in a better mood.

as much as i’d like to say i’m totally over it, i’m totally not over the fact that my plan for an epic video was epic alright. an epic fail.

so, i sent this tweet this morning. and no one replied. which rather sucked since i think it was a genuinely good idea.

it’s times like these that make you want to delete your twitter account. :/

anywho, since i sent the “important” email with all the details that everyone needs to know for the big meeting on Sunday, i really haven’t wanted to think about the Guide. and for the most part, i haven’t thought about it. i have tweets set to be sent automatically, so the one today was actually written days ago.

ugh! i’m talking about twitter again!

from Feb 5th:
so i’ve been thinking a lot lately about how awkward and slightly creepy it is to have friends online. don’t get me wrong, i love you guys. but, see, that’s the problem. it’s kind of creepy that i love you guys.
let’s look at the facts. with the exception of one person, i have never actually met any of the people i talk to online. i have a few people’s addresses, but no one’s phone numbers. i know what all of you look like, sound like, and quite a few of your favorite things. i know your aspirations and even a few of your fears. i also happen to talk to most of you at least once a day. even if only briefly via twitter. and if i don’t talk to you, i at least get an update via twitter/facebook/youtube/your blog.
ps. i wish the content of my blogs matched the quality of most of my titles. :/

my thoughts now: first, i’d like to point out that this is a perfect example of the fact that sometimes i write the last line before i’m finished with the post. i did that with my last blog entry as well.

ugh! i keep trying to turn this blog around and make it positive, but my mood just really sucks! every time i make an attempt to turn it around, it just u-turns and goes right back to negative! i can’t write an entry about internet friends when i’m this moody. ok, i’m going to stop this blog post before it gets any worse, and i’m going to bed before my mood can get any worse.

good night!
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>all day long… – BEDA 5

>Blog Count: 5 Blogs Left: 25
Fatigue Meter: 0 😀

12:20am: i’ve been meaning to do this for a while so i’ll do it today! i’m going to blog as the day progresses. i did this once before, but… here, i’ll give you the blow by blow of the epic fail: at 7am i started, saved the draft, and left the window open for easy update access. i updated throughout the day at work. i came home and made my 6pm update (i was updating hourly). i saved the draft, and only after i’d hit the button did i realize that this is not the version i had been progressively saving to all day, but the window i had open at 7am. so instead of 12 posts, i had 2. it hurt. it really hurt.
anyways, i have been promising a post about the gathering, so without further ado!
there were 3 people, including me. which, i can’t lie, i found rather depressing. we’re in LA and i know we have a plethora of Nerdfighters because there were so many at the Tour de Hank! however, an overwhelming majority of them either didn’t hear about the gathering, or refused to show up. :/
but i still think i made rather pretty signs to point them in the right direction! for those who are interested, *cough*Lydia*cough* video of the dismally small turn-out will be posted before the week is out.
after the “gathering” was through, i went to Barnes & Noble at the Santa Monica Promenade. it’s three floors high, has escalators and an elevator going up the center, and the barriers are all made of glass so that from any vantage you can look and see all three floors of books! *swoon*
now, a bit of epilogue is that i spent most of my time in years 8-18 sitting any place i could find (a chair, a ledge, the floor) in my local libraries and the Barnes & Noble in Burbank. i even noticed last time i was in that particular Barnes & Noble that the trend had finally caught on and there were people sitting in nearly every row. (no longer would i be the weirdo receiving strange looks as people stepped over me. now, i was just another book lover on a Saturday afternoon.) so i thought nothing of finding a book i liked, nestling in a rather quiet corner, and beginning to read. but i overlooked the fact that this was not my Burbank Barnes & Noble full of nostalgia and comfy chairs. i even overlooked that there were no chairs. that is until a guard ever so politely (and i mean this literally, i was taken a little aback by just how polite he was. he appeared honestly appologetic.) that he was “sorry, but sitting isn’t allowed in the bookstore.” but at least i got to put a few notes into these, so it wasn’t a total loss!

8:20am: it’s raining! it rained all night actually. but i like that. it’s the morning, “i have to drive through traffic” rain i’m not fond of. however, today it wasn’t so bad cuz my mom drove. (welcome to the adventures of sharing a car!)
so, a couple things i forgot to mention about Saturday’s gathering are a) it was at Santa Monica Pier and b) i used my Droid like CRAAAZY! it told me how to get to the pier, and then it showed me which way to walk (that’s right, the navigation’s not just for the car) to get to Barnes & Noble and to the gelato shop (i LOVE gelato!), an app told me how to get to back to my car (it’s called “Carr Matey” and is pirate themed ^_^), and then it showed me where to meet the rest of my family who were shopping for new living room furniture.
accidental capitalization. once i start writing in a certain format, i have to stick with it! —> So i’m going to try to update this as close to hourly as possible. wish me luck!

10:20am:ok, so all i gotta say is “WHY IS MY SIZE OUT OF STOCK???? IT’S NOT FAIR!!!” awesome shirt

12pm: i was scared when i saw this government tweet. but felt better when i saw this reassuring tweet. and went right back to shocked when i realized they’re encouraging the madness! and on a side note, that is the real government of the country i live in tweeting about pop stars and JK Rowling. welcome to my sub-reality!
today is SUCH an awesome day to be online! right now i’m watching John Green live, and earlier i was watching JK Rowling live! AND i received the new ALL CAPS album today! i love them more than i should. 😀 internet, where would i be without you?

2pm: see, it’s moments like this that make being a Nerdfighter awesome! just finished helping John prank Hank. the first stunt in a chain of events leading up to his birthday! here’s the result! XD

3:24pm: so i looked at my blog post list and there were only 3 posts for March. i’m thinkin’ one of the reasons is cuz i was considering how much blogging i was going to be doing this month! so, for May i’m either gonna love blogging or hate it. either way, i’m not gonna have another month where i only blog 3 times! lack of writing talent or not, that’s just too few blogs. :/

4pm: something i never finished writing Feb. 20th: i have, rather recently, become more or less addicted to the internet. i can’t remember the last time i went through an entire day without logging on. i blog, vlog, update, tweet, and scrobble. a chat app is always open, i worship Google docs, and TweetDeck is a godsend.
so it’s a funny thing that i only just have come to fully appreciate my friendships online. wait! don’t get offended! i already appreciated you! i said fully appreciate!
in the past couple of weeks i haven’t had time to watch/read/comment on/respond to all the posts/updates my friends have made. (resulting in the small mountain of content i’ve now to get through. which i’m not exactly dreading.) i also haven’t had time to chat on Skype (or anywhere else for that matter) as often lately.
i never realized how much i talk to people, or choose not to talk to people (sorry!), until i haven’t had the time to do it. i’ve had to cut a lot of convos short, or not participate in them at all lately.
continuing this thought: this still, sadly, is mostly true. i want to watch/read/comment on everything, and i ALSO want to produce content for all of you to watch/read/comment on. but with all my online friends having YT channels and blogs, along with other blogs and YTers i follow, AND, ya know, IRL, it gets a little daunting. i’ve gotta get better at managing time though, cuz i don’t want to give ANYTHING up. i either cut out IRL, cut out my friends, or cut out participating in the NF community. i don’t know about you, but i’m not willing to part with any of those options. i love it all too much! well, IRL i wouldn’t mind cutting out so much, but it’s necessary to keep the other two. (need the job, to get the money, to stay connected and be able to afford cons and eventually travel.) so if anyone has any tips, please let me know!
by the way, it stopped raining at around 10am! ^_^ now it’s sunny and kind of cool and breezy. in other words, absolutely gorgeous!

7:10pm: you have no idea how delighted i am knowing that i won’t epically fail with my all-day blog this time! 🙂
so we’re on the last legs of this blog entry. we’re almost to the finish. i’m pretty sure i’m gonna wrap it up at 10pm. but now, if i buckle down and stay focused, i may be able to make this blog look a bit better!

10:08pm: just finished watching the “special 2hr presentation” of 24. the last season. i’m going to miss hearing Jack Bauer threaten to tell him where the (insert threat here) or “i’ll kill your family!” another favorite is when he’s holding a gun on someone and yells, “don’t make me do this!” or the always classic, in a hushed and menacing tone between clenched teeth, “have no doubt. i will do this!” ah. good times!
anywho! if you’ve gotten to this point in the blog, then you’ve done it! you’ve gotten through HOURS worth of my worthless prattle. perseverance like this is really admirable!
i promptly failed that bit about buckling down and staying focused by the way. that went out the window immediately as i began reading Lydia’s blog. (which i’m a bit backlogged on. :/)

well, i hope this makes up for the crappy blogs this weekend as well as the vast lack of blogs last month. :)<!– text

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>Lydia’s Birthday!!!

>so, to anyone who doesn’t know, it’s Lydia’s birthday! go send her happy birthday tweets! –>click here

you see what i did there? i pretended like more than 5 people read my blog! XD

Happy Birthday Lydia!


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>Nerdfighters (and The Guide) are Awesome!

>oh blog, even when i neglect you, you’re still here for me.

which, when you think about it, isn’t very healthy. and if you had any self respect, you would leave me. but lucky for me, you are not a person and self respect is not an issue for you. and so you stay.

now that i’m done exploring the depths of me and my blog’s abusive relationship, i can talk about other stuff. like my new appreciation for the word “ratiocination.”

ratiocination rash-ee-ah-suh-NAY-shun

The process of logical reasoning.

finally! “Nice guy, but no ratiocination.” as opposed to “Nice guy, but no sense of logic.” what once was three words, now is one! what does it say about me, as a person, that i have the willingness and the need to accept this word into my daily vocabulary? let’s not explore that.

hey, remember that time when The Guide wrote to Alan, and he said The Guide was a bad idea, and everyone got kinda bummed out? and then remember all the hilarious Alan jokes that ensued?! (oh, the lols! good times!) and then remember 2 weeks later when Hank said it was a good idea. and then remember a month later when John emailed saying it was a good idea. and remember when we all got to say, “in your face Alan! SUCK IT!” but we were all too awesome to say that. (at least not publicly!) yeah. yeah… that was SO AWESOME!!!

so, i’ve an observation to share:
twitter is SO much fun when you’re mutually following Nerdfighters! twitter is my new favorite IM! <3 my morning was filled with alien rhino men (aka. "guys in rhino suits"), culture package planning, and memory manipulation! since i don't know ALL Nerdfighters, i could be wrong on this, but i'm pretty fairly certain that MY Nerdfighter friends are the most awesome.

oh, yeah. and rl is still boring. just in case someone was under the misguided delusion that it suddenly became overwhelmingly awesome. yeah, it’s still not.

ps. i started writing this at 8:45am! ADD much?!

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