>oh! New Year!

>holy heck! this is the first blog of the New Year!

aw! i’m sorry it couldn’t be more remarkable and it’s not on New Years Day. but honestly, if you’re disappointed then you really need to lower your expectations. i mean, seriously. you’ve read back entries right? it’s really not gonna be getting any better.

and anyhow, there really wasn’t very much to remark on. especially not on New Years Day. and for the record, i still haven’t got that podcast yet.

ps. Tom Milsom is gonna make it onto my “Top 25 Most Played” any moment now!


rows of:
2 pics should be 375×250 or 300X500
3 pics should be 200×150 or 200×300
4 pics should be 175×100 or 175×225

1 picture should be 700×420 or 420×700 –>