>racist food and weird stuff

>there’s no Mexican Helper, or Italian helper, although there are Mexican and Italian “styles.” however, there IS this:

also, weird things i find in the children’s section at the library:

and more proof that our children are brainwashed:

(that’s my shoe in the bottom of the frame)

>Too Long!

>i’m sorry my poor neglected blog! i haven’t taken the time to post to you since i became obsessed with that book! but don’t you dare think it means i love you any less! <3

i’m just gonna go ahead and get my yayas out first (wow, that sounds a bit pornographic):

I AM OBSESSED with The Guide! it is my latest and greatest obsession. i can undeniably say it’s my greatest because it’s my first one that’s going to result in money going to charity. which will end up improving the world. which, for me, is the ultimate goal in life. have no fear, i still have my obsessions with Dexter, Dr. Who, HP, and the Ning; but they’re just all on the second shelf now.

i’m going to Hawaii! Nov. 25th to Dec. 1st! i’ve never been, so it’s going to be awesome! i can’t wait to go and just… ah! experience EVERYTHING! and i’ll be taking pictures like a maniac! and- wow, i need to slow down on the exclamation points. but i’m super-extremely excited about this!

anyway, today i played hooky. just cuz it was better than going to work on a Monday. which gave me time to post a new video! oh yeah, and i’ve started vlogging. i’ve been wanting to, and i got a better camera, and i’ve posted two videos (1 & 2) so far. so, yay!

i have also started a Daily Booth account. it happened like this: @AlanDistro tweeted to follow him on Daily Booth. in order for me to do that, i had to create an account. so i did. and once it was created i figured, “might as well use it.” hence my account on Daily Booth. (and it just took me hella long to find that damn tweet! i didn’t realize i’ve been on DB for a month. :/)

and speaking of Alan, he broke The Guide Staff’s collective hearts when after he commented on this picture and i wrote back, and Karolina wrote him an email, he responded to neither of us! Alan’s a heartbreaker! we’re still smarting from that one.

Random Reckonings:

i just realized that my candidate won in the last two elections i voted in! the American President and the Nerdfighterian President. 😀

“hence” seems to be the word of the week. i’ve been using it everywhere lately!

*sigh* i hit “Update Podcast” for VLR with the sad, sick hope that something would download. it’s sad to know Jimmy and Alex actually SEE each other all the time now, but still, VLR remains dead. i miss VLR. 🙁

i still wish i lived in England. things just seem to make more sense there.

Pics I’v Been Meaning to Post:

this is my basket of stuff i have at work. it will eat you!

been wanting to take these pictures for over a year now. the trick is, fog isn’t too common in LA.

same pumpkin, two sides. Meg chose the confused face. and DFTBA on Daily Booth chose smiley face. 😀

and a quick “weird shit” series:

please explain to me what part of a sandwich cookie is natural? real lard cream filling?

this is a straightening iron. her face is in between the elements of a straightening iron. ow!

they repackaged q-tips. no, wait! they wet it first.

it’s not mouth wash, ok! it’s Pre-Brush Rinse.

it’s not actual whitening, it’s just expressions of whitening.

“A new way to protect & rejuvenate your skin” yeah, ya know guys, i think there’s a reason you’ve got a corner on the market. it’s cuz you’re the only one’s stupid enough to want to smear snail slime on your face. oh, sorry. snail “extract.”

it’s not even Halloween yet. seriously?

and these are just awesome!

>-oh, nothing.

>i don’t really have anything to say, so i’m gonna make another “weird shit i saw and took a picture of with my phone” series. let the weirdness begin!

it’s a bit blurry, but there’s a man with a fish slung over his shoulder. a giant fish. it’s cherry flavored cod liver oil. i don’t know about you, but that sounds way grosser than regular cod liver oil!

i don’t know what it is, but it’s whipped, and you can buy it for $2.98. a bargain for mystery whip, i’d say!

i’m not having any of your poison cocoa, lady! every time i see this i wonder how many victims this lady has claimed.

it only looks like dog food. it’s people food. they promise.

this sign was posted in my the exam room of my doctor’s office…

and here’s the only thing that was in the room. there’s at least an inch of dust gathered on that stuff. unless the sign is referring to the canister of cotton swabs across the room? i’m pretty imaginative, and i just can’t think of anything dangerous to do with those things.

it’s a sad world where this is the way you advertise. what’s even sadder is it’s probably really effective.

this is what it would look if you received a package from Voldemort. MAC Makeup is clearly run by death eaters.

i just like the can design.

i just like the composition. i stumbled upon it quite randomly.