this weekend i don’t know what to do with my time. i feel like i have too many options. i want to finish several things with a similar deadline. so i feel like i have to be working on the things at the same time. but that takes a lot more discipline over my time than i’ve been exercising lately. i haven’t been online nearly as much as i’d like to lately. and by that i mean i haven’t been watching YT, i haven’t been on G+ and Twitter, i haven’t been on Skype. when i’m online i’m buying necessities on Amazon, looking up my bank balance, and researching things. and i actually should be doing more researching.
what am i doing in place of these things? i am knitting and doing a whole lot of reading and writing. i’m also spending more time venturing outside of my house to run errands and spending time with my mom and brother. i want to spend more time working on projects, but it makes me feel guilty because i feel like i’m ignoring the people around me.
so today is going to be about figuring out realistic time schedules for myself. …and finishing the outline for Delvia. it’s a very rich and complex world, and i need at least one more story line. i think i’ll discover it in Thalden today. that’s not gonna make sense to anyone for a very long time since i won’t have time to actually write this story until i’ve finished Death Haven (my NaNovel), then (probably) Theta, then my (still untitled) God story. oh, and let us not forget that i still have to finish The Guide. and work on Ice Breakers, and i have a giant knitting project. the things i’m making won’t be all that large, but the amount i’m making is quite the undertaking. i also want to start a Sherman Oaks writing group. picking a day and a place is really the problem. i already have the people. (so many things come out of NaNo. it’s really amazing. i recommend it to EVERYBODY).
anyone who reads my blog, just take a minute to tweet me and say hi once in a while. otherwise i may become buried forever in my projects.

>sister, project

>so, i know i don’t really mention it, but i have a sister. a half sister. she’s like, 6 years older than me and lives in Kalamazoo. something we have in common, maybe it’s genetic, we’re not good with communication. i mean, once we’re talking we can go on and on. it’s just that you have to get us talking first.

so, i’m REALLY bad at communication. those of you reading this blog may disagree. you may be thinking about how you’ve never had a problem communicating with me. and i’d have to tell you that there’s a very good reason for this: i’m REALLY trying!!!

i mean, i am NOT USED to trying. i’m kind of a “we’ll talk when we get around to it” kind of person. but i don’t really want to be that kind of person anymore. and getting back to people first chance i get is part of that change.

long story short, i talked to my sister yesterday. and we hadn’t talked in like, a month or two. and i don’t know her very well. we’ve only been in contact for about a year now. not very long at all. but we now have a plan to talk to each other every other Sunday. which i like. cuz it’s kind of nice having another sibling. 🙂 especially when your sister is this really nice person who is always trying to find good things to be doing. like, she takes on charity projects. and the company she works for is a charity. and, yeah, she’s kind of awesome. i’m glad she’s a nice person and not… i don’t know. it would suck to talk to your sister and find out she’s vapid and evil. i mean, this could have gone in the complete opposite direction. this could’ve been a blog about how horrified i am at what a horrible person she is. but she’s not. so… yay!

also, i’m always doing some sort of project now. which i like. i really do. i have one more thing to do for hotnerdsexy, and then i only have to worry about producing episodes for a while. 🙂 oh, yeah! i redesigned the website! check it out: hotnerdsexy.com

i’m really proud of that site! i’ve never designed a website before, so… yeah. happy it turned out so well. 🙂

ok, it’s time to leave the working. so i will be to talking some other times, yeah? hopefully soon. hopefully with even more stuff accomplished that i can update about. 🙂

…there were a lot of smileys in this blog. and it turned out disjointed due to time constraints. :/ ah, well.
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