when you’re sitting at a stop light, minding your own business, and a pick-up truck plows into the back of your car, this is what it looks like.





so kids, don’t try this at home. or anywhere else either. cuz it’s not fun. :/<!– text

rows of: 2 pics should be 375×250 or 300X500 3 pics should be 200×150 or 200×300 4 pics should be 175×100 or 175×225 1 picture should be 700×420 or 420×700 2 videos should be 234×380 –>

>holy Nerdfighters, Batman!

>so, yeah. i’m pretty awesome. cuz i met Hank.

and here are the rest of the pictures!

Doctor Noise…

and his fans.

reading the set list

Hank dances!


Hank opens gifts from the library. they are cow themed???

we learned about Save the Children

during a pleasantly long Q&A, someone asked Hank to do the worm. so…

it was every bit as awesome as i imagined it would be! <3

>Macy’s Men’s Series

>i still don’t have much to say, but i have a few things to show. this is what you can find on the sale rack in the men’s section of Macy’s.

for when it’s too hot to wear the hood, but you still wanna represent the clan.

downright manly…

and check out the detail!

the color! the buttons. i love it!

surely, it was just place in the wrong section.

also atrocious.

this concludes our horror show. i hope you, well perhaps not enjoyed it, but found it as cringe-worthy as i did.

>weird stuff

>i usually share these one at a time, but Photobucket decided to take the initiative, make a folder called “Mobile Uploads,” and start putting stuff from my phone in there. now, considering both my neurotic love for organization, and my overwhelming laziness, this usually would be a good thing. but since i’ve conditioned myself to check my photobucket and post what’s on the first page, and this stuff never went to the first page, it didn’t work out so well.

anyways, on with the weird!

either Yoga gurus are known to get a hankerin’ for Del Taco, or Del Taco is trying to communicate something to their patrons. either way, this is just strange.

next we have veggie grated topping. no, no. not topping for your veggies. grated topping made out of veg. i don’t know what it is. it supposedly tastes like Parmesan. i’m not brave enough to find out. and i don’t hate my intestines.

now, i don’t know about you. but all i see when i look at this is someone depressed and stuffing their feelings. no effort. grab a spoon and a bucket, wash your feelings down with cheesecake. personally, i’m waiting for brownies in a bucket.

and this one is less weird and more awesome. i found this in a Carl’s Jr. i love Monster. yeah, yeah, it’s bad for me. *rolls eyes* it’ll cause heart attack, aneurysms, internal bleeding, cancer, and spontaneous combustion. shove it. i want a quick death.