Tour de Nerdfighting (#tfios)

i’m not even sure where to start. i guess the beginning is the best place.
as with just about everything i do, i overanalyzed and worried about going to the signing/show. i didn’t know anyone, and being alone is scary, people might not like me, and i was very anxious.
i love living in LA. it was a gorgeous, clear, warm night that allowed for t-shirts and the hoodies people wore (including my own) to be for personal preference, not necessity. this was good because when i arrived, an hour early, there was a long line. in retrospect, considering the fact that there were teenagers who aren’t ball and chained to jobs till 5, this should have been expected. if i were 16 and wanted a good seat at the Tour de Nerdfighting, i would be more than an hour early as well.
i don’t want to say to much about the show because, let’s face it, you can check it out on YT. but i did notice afterward that this is the first time i’ve gone to see them and they weren’t asked to do their happy dances. also, i have to mention that they signed things from every last person who waited in that auditorium (of a middle school for the curious). this was a long process that took over an hour. i know this because i was in the second to last row. (did i mention the long line even though i was AN HOUR early?)
although this is news to no one, John and Hank were fabulous; completely and absolutely. they are exactly what they are in videos except you are watching them in person. it is strange and amazing and wonderful, but what makes it unique and special is the fact that i was surrounded by Nerdfighters who also thought it was strange and amazing and wonderful.
there is something about Nerdfighters that can’t be said about any other group in the world. Nerdfighters are good people. they are fair and honest and will always try to do the right thing. i have yet to come across a bad apple. nothing exemplifies that like what i did last night. i said “watch my stuff.” well, i didn’t demand it. i said it like a normal human being in a proper sentence with a polite please somewhere in the mix. “my stuff” was everything that wasn’t my car key. as in all my money, the stuff i was getting signed, my phone, EVERYTHING. and i left it with people i had just met. and because they were Nerdfighters i didn’t even worry.
when i say the goodness of Nerdfighters can’t be applied to any other group, i mean, take Christians for example. they pitch a good racket. lots of morals and goodness for goodness sake. but there are plenty of bad apples. i’ll put it this way, i’d have taken my stuff with me had i been at a church.
and while this amazing community wasn’t created by John and Hank Green, it wouldn’t exist without them being exactly as they are. and they are who they are and do what they do because of the community. this entire community is a paradox. and i got to be part of it IRL last night.
if you ever get the chance to see John or Hank DO IT!!!
not just to see them (although they are amazing), but to get to be present, live and in the flesh, in this amazing community.

>a grumpy blog – BEDA 8

>Blog Count: 8 Blogs Left: 22
Fatigue Meter: 5

don’t know what happened to the blog meters for the last couple of blogs. moving on!

ok, so it’s time to fess up. that “giant moth” that allegedly “tried to eat me” was really just a full sized regular moth that flew toward me and scared the crap out of me. although, in my defense, it had to be the creepiest moth ever. i heard this muffled crackling noise, and when i looked for where the sound was coming from, MOTH ATTACK!!! so yeah. creepy.

so, real quick, we’re gonna look at the pictoral representation of my life:

mm, yeah. yep. i like to refer to it as “My Life in 8 Boxes,” but you can call it any snarky thing you please, so long as you leave it in the comments.

i love that i’ve gone to often enough (and everywhere else seldom enough) that it’s in my top 8! it’s barely been up for a day! Everything either has to do with Google or Nerdfighters.

well, the fatigue meter’s running kinda high today. which, honestly, is rather unexpected! all day i’ve been thinking of little things i could say or include, and just generally getting excited about it. (yes, i know that’s pathetic.) but now that i’m actually doing the actual blogging… well, i don’t really feel like blogging right now. i tried to watch some YT to kind of get me into a more “i wanna share with the world” mood, but to no avail. i apologize for being so crabby… that’s what it is! i’m just tired and kinda cranky. sorry. :/

i’m either really paranoid or i’m right (i really hope i’m not right!) about my emails being excessive. both in content and in quantity. i always am trying to make sure that there aren’t any misunderstandings and i think i might come off as bossy. and then i try to keep everyone informed, but i think i come off as… well, nagging. so if you’ve gotten email from me, and you really would rather i’d turn it down a notch, let me know. cuz any annoyance is definitely unintentional!

ok, i’m just reaching now. i’m too tired to talk about anything remotely interesting. though i AM looking forward to hearing about how things went at the Boulder stop on John Green’s book tour! can’t wait to get a chance to talk to Lydia about that! 😀 <!– text

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>formal apology

>wow! that last one was really bad, wasn’t it!

i couldn’t even break up the pointless drivel with a poor attempt at wit so that you could laugh as you mock me for my pathetic lack of writing ability.

despite me being able to operate a mouse and keyboard, my brain clearly wasn’t up for the whole sub-standard, writing-as-though-someone-cares blog writing thing. something to make note of for the next time i fall asleep WAY to early resulting in me waking up WAY too early. i’ll just stick to the reading and watching before the hour of 6am. *winces at the disgustingly early hour displayed in corner of screen*

so yeah, it’s Sunday. which only ever means one thing to me: Guide Meeting. and really, should it mean anything else? There are several things going on with the Guide including a brand spanking new partnership with the NF Gazette! …in fact, i should go blog that… *blogs* …there we go! fresh blog post for everyone to enjoy! 🙂 i feel accomplished now.

i also feel hungry. i’m gonna go make some eggs…<!– text

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2 pics should be 375×250 or 300X500
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1 picture should be 700×420 or 420×700

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>new years eve

>i can’t believe it’s the last day of the year. it’s all gone by so fast!

if you told me January of last year that some of my coolest friends would end up being overseas, i wouldn’t have believed you. i also didn’t know what a Nerdfighter was, so…

if you asked me why i’m on the staff of The Guide and why i’m determined to make it a reality, i would tell you it’s because being a Nerdfighter and being part of the Nerdfighter community has not only changed my life and exposed me to amazing people, but it has changed me! who and what i have at the top of my value list is different. and i never want that to change.

as for “irl” changes (irl being in quotes because some of the friendships i’ve made online this year seem more real than the ones in the supposed irl) nothing really has changed. i still go to work and see and talk to my friends occasionally. “occasionally” meaning almost never.

last year at this time i had a desperate hope that better things were coming.

so much unlike last year, i look forward to the new year! because i KNOW good things are coming! VidCon, for one thing, is guaranteed to be AWESOME! (plus it’s happening the weekend before my birthday. so instead of a little party, i’ll be going to VidCon!)

7NAP. it’s fun! and we’re just starting! which is so exciting! (video tomorrow! yay!)

The Guide. oh, The Guide. well, it’s gonna be epic. and i’m freakin’ part of it! i’m on the freakin’ Staff! it can’t be more awesome than that.

who knows what else this year holds for me? a podcast hopefully. but then, who knows?

see you all in the New Year! <3

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>Nerdfighters (and The Guide) are Awesome!

>oh blog, even when i neglect you, you’re still here for me.

which, when you think about it, isn’t very healthy. and if you had any self respect, you would leave me. but lucky for me, you are not a person and self respect is not an issue for you. and so you stay.

now that i’m done exploring the depths of me and my blog’s abusive relationship, i can talk about other stuff. like my new appreciation for the word “ratiocination.”

ratiocination rash-ee-ah-suh-NAY-shun

The process of logical reasoning.

finally! “Nice guy, but no ratiocination.” as opposed to “Nice guy, but no sense of logic.” what once was three words, now is one! what does it say about me, as a person, that i have the willingness and the need to accept this word into my daily vocabulary? let’s not explore that.

hey, remember that time when The Guide wrote to Alan, and he said The Guide was a bad idea, and everyone got kinda bummed out? and then remember all the hilarious Alan jokes that ensued?! (oh, the lols! good times!) and then remember 2 weeks later when Hank said it was a good idea. and then remember a month later when John emailed saying it was a good idea. and remember when we all got to say, “in your face Alan! SUCK IT!” but we were all too awesome to say that. (at least not publicly!) yeah. yeah… that was SO AWESOME!!!

so, i’ve an observation to share:
twitter is SO much fun when you’re mutually following Nerdfighters! twitter is my new favorite IM! <3 my morning was filled with alien rhino men (aka. "guys in rhino suits"), culture package planning, and memory manipulation! since i don't know ALL Nerdfighters, i could be wrong on this, but i'm pretty fairly certain that MY Nerdfighter friends are the most awesome.

oh, yeah. and rl is still boring. just in case someone was under the misguided delusion that it suddenly became overwhelmingly awesome. yeah, it’s still not.

ps. i started writing this at 8:45am! ADD much?!

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