Blog Evolution

((This is in response to this post, which made me think about the relevance of blogs.))

while i agree that personal blogs* are definitely losing popularity, i don’t believe that blogs are dying. i think we all are certainly more discerning as to which blogs we care to give our precious time, but we’re not giving up on them altogether.

while tweets** can be rather insightful at times, they will never be able to truly replace the blog, because a tweet will never require the same time and careful thought.

a blog post is like a conversation. you raise a topic that you have thought carefully about, and you share your conclusions. then people who find you engaging read and respond. thoughtful, well written blogs tend to encourage thoughtful and well written responses. they are conversations that become much deeper and more important than any tweet could. sometimes deeper and more important than any verbal conversation could. because we can format and edit a blog until every word is precisely what we mean in the exact manner we which to convey it. we don’t get to edit our verbal communications. the whole point of a conversation can get lost in the clarification of poorly chosen words.

but a blog doesn’t have this problem. misunderstandings and miscommunications are rare. and because the main focus of the conversation is clearly visible (or you can just scroll back to it in reference), it rarely gets diluted and buried in digression. in many ways, blogs can be a superior form of communication.

and sometimes twitter’s 140 are empty without the hows and whys that can be answered in a full blog post. as long as tweets need elaboration, there will be the blog with which to do it.

so i don’t think that blogs are dying, i just think we’ve evolved in how we use them.

* i make the distinction here between personal and news blogs because news blogs are written and consumed in the same manner they always were. they have not changed their format, nor have we changed the way we use them.

** i use twitter as it easily demonstrates my point, but this can be replaced with any of the myriad short form media we use.

>cross it off the list

>so, as all who are reading this blog* will know, i am reading (or, more accurately, blatantly ignoring) Lord of the Rings.
i’m nerdtastic**, so interest levels are not the obstacle. and i’ve been trying to figure out for weeks now*** why i just can’t seem to make myself start up again.

…okay, size. size is definitely a factor. let’s face it, that thing is cumbersome.

but book bulk never deterred me before. ironically, i’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out why i’m not reading the book instead of reading the book.****
but i think i’ve just had a breakthrough! Max Barry, an author i rather like, wrote this blog!
for those of you that the blog is about who didn’t even click on that link and assumed tl;dr, i kindly include a quote highlighting my point.*****

“…maybe there is a class of people, to which I belong, that is becoming addicted to bite-sized information delivered by scattershot… So I am interested in fiction that works with the internet, rather than fights it. Something that doesn’t sit there, 400 pages heavy, asking for a seven-hour commitment before I start. That’s the kind of fiction I’d like to read right now. Something that sneaks under my guard and pries me away from memes and status updates. I would like to find that.”

the “400 pages heavy, asking for seven-hour commitment” bit really speaks to me, seeing as LOTR is 1008 pages (not including maps, appendices and indices).
i thought my constant inattention and lack of motivation might be indicative of irreparable character flaws and (just barely) dormant neuroses. as it turns out, i’m just a hopeless internet addict! phew!

now that i’ve unraveled that enigma, i can cross it off my list of “Things To Do Other Than Read LOTR.” now i can get to reading! …perhaps after i finish editing the small collection of videos waiting on my hard drive.******


* on this topic, you guys are really messin’ me up here. it’s not that i don’t appreciate you reading, because i really do! <3 it’s just that you’re kinda making a liar out of me. if you haven’t noticed the big blue banner (alliteration WIN! attention span FAIL) at the top, it says “Unread Blog.” which was true when i made it. but it’s rather false as of late. i’ve gotta do something about that. *sets out suggestion box*

** fantastically nerdy. is it weird that i don’t know if this is an over-statement or an understatement?

*** literally, it’s been 2 weeks since i last picked up that book!

**** in fact, i think it’s reason #532 for not reading.

***** yeah, this one has a point! go figure, eh?

****** wow! are you sick of the star (i know it’s an asterisk) thing yet? i am! thank goodness this blog is over and we can be done with them! but anyway, yeah, i’ve got at least three videos due to be posted. and i’ve had a few video ideas where i’ve been like, “sure. you can do that… after you finish the first three!” again i ask, where the hell are those extra hours?! i could kinda use them about now.