>magical creatures

>ok, so the CLOCK says i missed a day, but as far as my BRAIN is concerned it’s only 2pm. yeah, my sleep sched. is FUCKED right now. meh. life. whatcha gonna do. :/

*gone 5 minutes*

whoa! i started to do that thing where i start to think of what i want to say next, and i look at my other open tabs (and i ALWAYS have other open tabs) and i start reading and surfing among them. no focus whatsoever, really. *sigh*

i would make this short and sweet, since it’s technically late and all, but i’m fully awake and i did short and sweet yesterday.

so, hummingbirds. i see them every day at work. it’s funny how it seems like, in the move, everything has changed except the people and the hummingbirds. i’ll take a picture and blog it tomorrow, but one wall of the reception area is window and i face it, so i see everything going on outside. which most of the time is nothing. but sometimes is visitors walking in, and sometimes is hummingbirds fluttering around.

i look at these tiny little things and can’t help but smile. what marvelous creatures they are. they seem to me to just be these purely good little beings. all they do is fly around at remarkable speeds to find pretty flowers to eat from. all the while looking pretty enough themselves to be mesmerizing with their iridescent feathers and blur-fast wings.

i think, if this creature had become extinct before the invention of cameras and we only had descriptions from the 1500’s, i wouldn’t believe in them. i mean, can you imagine if you read stories about birds with wings too fast to see, that could hover in mid-air as well as fly backwards. they sound pretty unbelievable to me. and yet, i look at them every day.

which brings me to unicorns. horse-like creatures with one long horn protruding from the tops of their heads. that’s really not all that far fetched when you compare it with hummingbirds. there are no other animals around that are like hummingbirds, but there are plenty of horse-like creatures with horns. so why don’t we believe in unicorns?

and you could point out that hummingbirds aren’t thought to have magical powers or be good luck or what have you, but why not? i mean, a tiny bird with shiny feathers that can hover and fly backwards sounds a lot more magical than a horse with a horn.

and let’s not forget that we have to protect far less spectacular animals (e.g. tigers, rhinoceroses, elephants*) from becoming extinct due to people hunting them for their tusks and teeth, hoping they can extract their magical and/or lucky properties. (this is real world NOW people.)

so is it really all that unbelievable that there used to be horses with horns that were hunted into extinction because people wanted their horns for their magical and/or lucky properties? not to mention, these things would have died out in what? the 15 or 1600’s. back before we were regularly shipping animals around the world. so you could still only find certain animals in certain regions. which would explain why they don’t have unicorn stories in Japan. (for those who might point out that you don’t really hear about unicorn stories outside of Europe.)

now, i’m not saying that i believe that unicorns existed, but i’m not discounting it either. i would neither be surprised if scientific evidence surfaced, nor if evidence of it’s non-existence surfaced.

all i’m saying is unicorns seem a lot more realistic than hummingbirds, and i see hummingbirds all the time.

* not that i don’t think tigers, rhinoceroses and elephants are awesome. they are. but they’re no hummingbird!

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