cutting it close

if you follow me on twitter then you’ve already noticed that i’ve started a daily blog. i’ve wanted to make a daily blog for years now, but every year i remember on Jan. 2nd so it doesn’t happen. (cuz i figure i should start properly or not start at all.) but this year i prepared a new blog just for my 300+ word blogs.
already i’ve cut it close. i posted my second blog of the year at 11:58pm. perhaps my New Year’s resolution should be to post my dailies in a timely manner. πŸ˜›
thinking of posting things in a timely manner, something i didn’t do that with (again) is the HNS podcast. i’m not sure why… actually, now that i think of it, i do know why i didn’t post it. because editing it is a pain in the ass and i can’t stand editing. i mean, i started making one take vlogs, not because of time constraints and my love of brevity (although those are also factors), but because i hate editing.
actually, i have a love/hate relationship with editing. once i start it, i get all consumed with it and rather enjoy the process. usually. sometimes, a lot of times, it’s just one more thing i have to do and i want to get it done as soon as possible so i can have time to do the other things i have to do, usually to keep from failing at life. so there’s that.
but i digress. a lot.
my daily blog will be different from this blog in one major way: the subject is always me. not the New Year, Alex Day’s new album, other blogs i like, or weird things i’ve noticed, but me. who i am, what i am, what i’m doing (or not doing, as is sometimes the case), and why i’m doing it. almost every post will probably start with “i” (that’s the trend so far) and the rest with “my.” this is because, unlike this blog, i want to force some self-analysis and i always do this best in written form. that, and i want a reason to write every day. not that i need an excuse. i need a purpose to motivate me. if the goal were just “write something every day” i would forget about it and it wouldn’t happen. which is probably the reason why i have been wildly unsuccessful in the past.
this blog will still host BEDA and Blogust (since i don’t want those all to be 300+ word introspectives), and this will also have my random stream of consciousness things and all the other random that isn’t, well, introspective. it must be said that i’m a bit worried about NaNoWrimo. 300 words plus the 1,667+ words for my novel is going to be a challenge. but then, i am someone who’s written 5,000 words in a day (like a boss), so maybe i don’t have that much to worry about.
i also plan to do Camp NaNoWrimo (at least one month) because i am apparently mad. if i finish outlining Delvia in the next few days as i plan to, then i should have nothing to worry about since that will make two things unwritten but outlined. i want to outline one more thing before novel season to put my mind at ease though. because, apparently, if you don’t have at least two back-up plans, then you’re ill-prepared. …sometimes i wonder about my sanity. #writingaddiction #ambitiousgoals
daily blog



yesterday I inexplicably fell asleep at 10:30pm. which means I didn’t sit down to write a blog post. so I’ll write two today. as for this one, I have no idea what I was gonna ramble about yesterday. I had a plan yesterday, too. ah well.
so once again I’m finding that I want to do 10 things, but I only have time for 5. I think I’m gonna have to work out some kind of time management plan.
by the way, I’m writing this from my phone in bed. which is probably how I would’ve ended up writing it yesterday had I not fallen asleep. :/
I must mention that it feels kinda weird not feeling guilty about having missed the second day. not writing a whole paragraph berating myself. instead of “oh no!” it’s “oops! *giggle.*” which is much better, really.
so now I think I need to start working on my podcast. gotta plan everything from the topics to possible guests. all the best episodes had a firm structure.
oh, did I ever mention we’ve been syndicated. our show can be heard every Tues. and Thurs. at 3pm EDT. on (so many abbreviations in that sentence!)
well I’m gonna go have what will probably be a very boring day. but near the end I’ll write another blog that you will hopefully find somewhat interesting.

>sister, project

>so, i know i don’t really mention it, but i have a sister. a half sister. she’s like, 6 years older than me and lives in Kalamazoo. something we have in common, maybe it’s genetic, we’re not good with communication. i mean, once we’re talking we can go on and on. it’s just that you have to get us talking first.

so, i’m REALLY bad at communication. those of you reading this blog may disagree. you may be thinking about how you’ve never had a problem communicating with me. and i’d have to tell you that there’s a very good reason for this: i’m REALLY trying!!!

i mean, i am NOT USED to trying. i’m kind of a “we’ll talk when we get around to it” kind of person. but i don’t really want to be that kind of person anymore. and getting back to people first chance i get is part of that change.

long story short, i talked to my sister yesterday. and we hadn’t talked in like, a month or two. and i don’t know her very well. we’ve only been in contact for about a year now. not very long at all. but we now have a plan to talk to each other every other Sunday. which i like. cuz it’s kind of nice having another sibling. πŸ™‚ especially when your sister is this really nice person who is always trying to find good things to be doing. like, she takes on charity projects. and the company she works for is a charity. and, yeah, she’s kind of awesome. i’m glad she’s a nice person and not… i don’t know. it would suck to talk to your sister and find out she’s vapid and evil. i mean, this could have gone in the complete opposite direction. this could’ve been a blog about how horrified i am at what a horrible person she is. but she’s not. so… yay!

also, i’m always doing some sort of project now. which i like. i really do. i have one more thing to do for hotnerdsexy, and then i only have to worry about producing episodes for a while. πŸ™‚ oh, yeah! i redesigned the website! check it out:

i’m really proud of that site! i’ve never designed a website before, so… yeah. happy it turned out so well. πŸ™‚

ok, it’s time to leave the working. so i will be to talking some other times, yeah? hopefully soon. hopefully with even more stuff accomplished that i can update about. πŸ™‚

…there were a lot of smileys in this blog. and it turned out disjointed due to time constraints. :/ ah, well.
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>dull dreaming

>”sitting under my desk, making swirls in my cocoa.”

that is how i would like to update my twitter status. unfortunately, i work in the front office, so instead i am limited to only making swirls. no sub-desk adventures for me. :/

wow. if i didn’t work in the front and have to be presentable, my co-workers would think i was insane. …well, considerably more insane than they think i am now.

so, hi blog. i was feeling a bit down last time i visited. and it wasn’t that i was being cryptic about it or anything. it’s just that’s how low i felt. i couldn’t even fathom the words to describe how i felt. i feel a bit better now, though.

as always, i’m working on side projects. right now i’m working on the #hotnerdsexy website. by the time i’m done it’s going to be very clean and simple. and all things considered that is proving to be a bit difficult. the thing is, i keep thinking of things it would be cool to do and then having to figure out how to do them. i need to focus on doing the re-launch, and then worrying about the bells and whistles. but alas, i am forever getting ahead of myself.

thinking of #hns, we’re recording a new episode today! i think it’s gonna be better than last episode. everything was out of sorts last episode. kinda sub-par. this episode will be much better. even with me feeling kinda sleepy. i’m gonna get caffeinated on my way home. πŸ™‚

i still feel like #hns could use something, but i don’t know what yet. ah well. we’ll come across it soon enough.

so now i’ve got 20 minutes left of work. and i really felt like leaving early today. the only reason i didn’t is because i came in late. so i figured it’d be best to stick it out. though it would have been much easier to stick it out from under my desk. the light wouldn’t be as bright down there. i could drape my sweater over the front and make an office fort. and i could see who’s coming and be able to deflect them with ease. (mostly by calling out in a small, muffled voice, “no one’s here!”) it would be awesome.

ok. it’s only been five minutes since our last time check, but i’ve had enough. i’m gonna assume no one will care or notice if i’m gone in the next 5 minutes.

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>as it comes to mind…

>hiya, blog!

you’re totally not gonna believe this, but i TOTALLY forgot about you today! i’ve been thinking all about HNS all day! since we record this week and all.

anywho, there’ll be a vlog concerning that soon enough anyway. (yes. ANOTHER one! what are you trying to say?)

oh! and i think a silly song today!
Remus and the Lupins – Creepy Mustache by ChelseaIRL

so i’ve got 25 minutes. yeah, i think i can do this!

so work was ridiculously monotonous. i felt like i was trying to walk waste deep in thick mud. i feel like i accomplished nothing!

so i’ve been collecting a bunch of potential things to talk about on Thursday. i’m determined to make the first episode of HNS awesome! i’m finding lots of potential material. now i’ve just gotta wade through it and pick out the best.

random revelation: yesterday, i was changing my status notification thingy on Skype, and it had said something about working on secret projects. and i realized that i might as well just keep it saying that. because i’m always working on one secret project or another lately. which is cool cuz they’re all awesome things. but it’s weird, too. last year, i was working on nothing.

thinking of last year: guess what besties? i didn’t know you last year. is that super-weird or waht? it trips me out every time i think about it.

random craving: i wanna just scroll through the geekery pages of Etsy. i never buy anything there cuz i just can’t justify the price (and when i can, i can’t justify the shipping), but i just like to look sometimes. i don’t get to that point where i compulsively buy like i do with t-shirts.

thinking of t-shirts made me think of how i have too many black ones, made me think of colors, made me think of how i hate purple. well, i don’t hate the color itself. in nature it’s gorgeous. and it’s an ok color as colors go. but when it comes to clothing i won’t wear it. i don’t know why, i just won’t. it used to be me and my mother would be clothes shopping and we would find some really cute top. and i would sigh and say, “but it’s purple.” so a couple weeks ago, me and my mom were in Target (of all freakin’ places, right?!) and we see a cute top, and my MOM sighs and says, “oh, but it’s purple.” it was SO WEIRD! it was like hearing my own words coming out of her mouth. the same tone and sentiment behind them. just… a weird experience.

sorry for the free association ramble tonight, blog. but sometimes it just goes like that i suppose. especially when your last few blogs have been you, literally half asleep, typing on your phone keyboard. that is NOT good. but hey! i haven’t failed BEDA yet! unlike in April. that was just shameful.

ok. now with 10 minutes to spare, i leave you, blog. see you tomorrow!

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>back to blog

>where did the music go??? blog, i’m sorry!!! i don’t… i don’t know what happened! i was all, i’m gonna blog! blog, blog, blog. blog, blog, blog. and then i was working on #hotnerdsexy which was released on Thursday, and i had to… what? you DON’T know about #hotnerdsexy?!?

*pretending i’m ok with this* we shall fix this now.

ok, now that we’re all on the same page we can be friends again. …i mean, we always were friends, yeah.

so now you need FIVE songs! one for today, and to make up for the lack. ready?

Hot Hot Heat – Goodnight Goodnight by ChelseaIRL

Simple Plan – You Don’t Mean Anything by ChelseaIRL

Fall Out Boy – Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying by ChelseaIRL

Home Grown – I Love You, Not by ChelseaIRL

Panic at the Disco – Time To Dance by ChelseaIRL

now, the one by Panic at the Disco is about my favorite Chuck Palahniuk book, “Invisible Monsters.” it makes complete sense if you’ve read that book.
the rest of the songs sound happy, but are actually pretty mean.

also, tell me what you thought of #hotnerdsexy! what did you like? what didn’t you like? what should we add? what should we take out? tell me in the comments. or email us! or tweet us.

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>almost a real blog post

>hey blog!

so i can’t seem to stop editing stuff long enough to write a proper blog lately! it’s ridiculous! but hey! at least it’s officially on time tonight! yay! πŸ™‚
so the pilot episode of #hotnerdsexy is officially upon us. if you havent’ already, go listen to the podcast at subscribe. then follow us (me and Meg) on twitter @hotnerdsexy so you won’t miss a thing!

ok, so i’ve only got two minutes, so i’m gonna go now. full blog tomorrow! πŸ™‚

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>hear the music, get excited, don’t be a douche

>hiya blog!

ok, so first i’m going to apologize to Meg, because she is going to hate the sound quality of this song. but Meg, it’s indie, ok? just listen to the lyrics!

Vroom – Untitled (I Love You[You Can’t Stand Me]) by ChelseaIRL

ok, so… i posted two vlogs today. but hear me out! one was linked to my old channel so that people would know about the new channel. and the other was just, ya know, a vlog. mostly just getting people excited about my secret projects. so now they know one of them has something to do with #hotnerdsexy and that everything will be disclosed on Thursday, but NOTHING else! oh! suspense!!!

i’m gonna keep this up you know? building the hype! πŸ˜€
but honestly i’m just ridiculously excited about this! and i hope that everyone else will like what i’m working on. cuz, it’ll be SOOOO much fun if you do! πŸ˜€

ok, we interrupt your regularly scheduled blog to bring you “he said, she said.” (this JUST happened)

i said (in the comments of PhillyD’s latest Vloggity):
i just can’t stop looking at the clocks! all those clocks! what TIME ZONEο»Ώ ARE THEY IN?!?

ok. vid over. i’m back. such a creepy casting call! i AM in the LA area, and i am NOT game! creeper! XD

then he said:
The1Ray1W1Johnson: @ChelseaIRL hahaha stupid american. timezones r in 1 hr incriments* or 30 mins if u include pei u learn thisο»Ώ in grade 4 those r random times otherwise theyd b mostly pointing to the same minute

so i replied:
@The1Ray1W1Johnson um… i was just joking. it’s very obvious that they’re random. :/

just because i’m American doesn’t mean i’m an idiot. and i don’t know where you’re from, but you might wanna work on not jumping to conclusions, not being condescending, and not being prejudiced against other nations.

ugh! the nerve of some people! first of all, no sense of humor, so obviously worthless. second of all, i’m American, so you assume i don’t know about time zones. and third, i really don’t need you to educate me, thanks so much! just… triple threat nerve! in a word: douche.

see, it’s moments like these when i forget to be awesome and just want to pass out the poison Kool-Aid.

anywho! so you happen to be listening to one of my favorite songs ever. although i’m not very emo IRL, i do have rather emo musical taste. it’s weird and incongruous, i know. and yet, it’s fact. i’m especially a sucker for songs such as this that melodically sound rather happy, but the lyrics are so “aw! sad panda!” or are really mean, a la Fall Out Boy. basically when the music conveys one emotion and the lyrics convey another, i love it!

ok. well, i’m sleepy already, blog and i’ve still got shit to do. so i’ll catch you tomorrow! πŸ™‚

ps. where ARE you Lydia?!? i sent you the thing. email me! or Skype me! or even YouTube me!
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