>personal swarm

>i don’t like eating lunch at work. i drive around the block, park in the shade, and eat my lunch in my car. then i listen to a podcast, or read, or talk on the phone, whatever.

it’s rather hot today so i rolled my windows down to catch the breeze. so i’m eating my lunch when a bee starts trying to get into my car. i close my windows, making it immediately 10 degrees hotter in the car and wait for a full minute for the bee to lose interest. it’s nearly boiling by the time i get to open my window again.

it’s not thirty seconds before another bee comes and takes its full minute to try to bake me alive. but it finally loses interest too, and i roll my windows down again.

the car hasn’t had a chance to cool back down completely before a hornet turns up. while i’m waiting for the hornet to leave, more bees show up. all the while it’s getting hotter in the car.

a mail truck, a vehicle with no doors, is parked a little ways down the street. it’s been there a few minutes and i see the mail carrier casually get out and walk to the back of the truck. which communicates to me that he is NOT being plagued by a handful of bees and hornets. this is an isolated incident.

i give up and drive back to work. :(<!– text

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