>dull dreaming

>”sitting under my desk, making swirls in my cocoa.”

that is how i would like to update my twitter status. unfortunately, i work in the front office, so instead i am limited to only making swirls. no sub-desk adventures for me. :/

wow. if i didn’t work in the front and have to be presentable, my co-workers would think i was insane. …well, considerably more insane than they think i am now.

so, hi blog. i was feeling a bit down last time i visited. and it wasn’t that i was being cryptic about it or anything. it’s just that’s how low i felt. i couldn’t even fathom the words to describe how i felt. i feel a bit better now, though.

as always, i’m working on side projects. right now i’m working on the #hotnerdsexy website. by the time i’m done it’s going to be very clean and simple. and all things considered that is proving to be a bit difficult. the thing is, i keep thinking of things it would be cool to do and then having to figure out how to do them. i need to focus on doing the re-launch, and then worrying about the bells and whistles. but alas, i am forever getting ahead of myself.

thinking of #hns, we’re recording a new episode today! i think it’s gonna be better than last episode. everything was out of sorts last episode. kinda sub-par. this episode will be much better. even with me feeling kinda sleepy. i’m gonna get caffeinated on my way home. 🙂

i still feel like #hns could use something, but i don’t know what yet. ah well. we’ll come across it soon enough.

so now i’ve got 20 minutes left of work. and i really felt like leaving early today. the only reason i didn’t is because i came in late. so i figured it’d be best to stick it out. though it would have been much easier to stick it out from under my desk. the light wouldn’t be as bright down there. i could drape my sweater over the front and make an office fort. and i could see who’s coming and be able to deflect them with ease. (mostly by calling out in a small, muffled voice, “no one’s here!”) it would be awesome.

ok. it’s only been five minutes since our last time check, but i’ve had enough. i’m gonna assume no one will care or notice if i’m gone in the next 5 minutes.

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>Day 7

Last Maui Morning

so we woke up at 5am today to catch the sunrise.

this morning is bittersweet. i don’t want to leave, but i’m excited to go home. i’m gonna miss driving through rolling hills of sugar cane, the sweet, sweet air, and the big blue water.

*sigh* time to go back home.

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