blog update #FTW

this is going to be a blog post of the shorter variety simply to say: LOOK AT THE ADDRESS BAR!! IT’S FINALLY FUCKING FIXED!!! YES!!!! VICTORY IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i shall now apologize for screaming with excessive punctuation, as well as the possibility that you are reading this in some sort of “reader” (like Google Reader) and therefore see nothing special about the address bar at all.

ok, so remember when i was all, “f@*&k! my blog refuses to install on my site!”??? no??? well, here it is. that blog post. see? i’m not a liar!

well, now i fucking pwned my blog. and by pwned i mean it mysteriously just installed without a hitch. no rhyme nor reason to explain why it works now or why it didn’t work then. it just works. and frankly i’m happy to leave it an unsolved mystery and carry on in self-hosted bliss. i shall proceed with that plan now.

and shall also go to sleep.

and leave you with this:

you’re welcome. ^_^