>Daylight Savings Time


this year I figured there was no way I’d wake up late after daylight savings. my phone’s clock changes automatically and I use my phone as an alarm clock, so I’m set.


my mom was woken up by the phone, the bus driver calling after my brother, and she in turn woke me.

we could hear the alarm ever so faintly and I went into the living room to find it. it was nowhere and I couldn’t heart it anymore. then I remembered that I had checked the battery level before I went to sleep (no battery power, no alarm), that it should be by my bed, and it therefore must have glitched.

it didn’t.

I followed the faint sound of the still ringing alarm to the place where it was wrapped in my comforter.

it was literally right next to me!!!

I just… that was… that was just too ridiculous not to share, blog.

*sigh* *continues day*