my manager is a creeper.

he knocks on the door at 9 pm. me and my mom exchange glances. i answer the door and he says, “can you move your car over a bit?”
so i think mom must have parked really crooked and the neighbor must be sitting down there stuck. so i say, “ok, i’ll move it now.” he just stands there. and i shut the door. he starts talking as the door closes.
my mom is like, “put on a sweater and cover yourself.” since i’m not wearing a bra.
i don’t think it’s necessary, but i put on a sweater and some shoes and he’s WAITING FOR ME in the elevator. and i’m thinking, that’s weird. and i’m so glad i listened to my mom. and i wrap the sweater around me. and like, what? are you making sure i really do go move my car? why are you here?
the neighbor was not there. her car was parked. our car was crooked. but not even as bad as it’s been before. i get in and straighten the car out. this is a simple enough task. or at least it would have been if the manager hadn’t been STANDING BEHIND MY CAR!
he would call himself “guiding me.” i had to ignore what he was saying completely and just try to make sure i didn’t hit him. i straightened out, but i wanted to move further away from my neighbors car. i put the car in reverse and had to wait while the manager crossed behind my car. then he stood in the space i needed to pull closer to the left.
then he wanted to chatterbox back to my floor on the elevator.
so, my neighbor was parked and didn’t need me to straighten the car out. he just wanted to… what? i don’t know what the fuck that was about.
he is ALWAYS being inappropriate! i could give a million examples right now, but i don’t want this to turn into a full-fledged rant. :/<!– text

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