>something substantial (?)

>hey blog!

so yesterday i zonked out on the couch for about an hour and threw off my sense of time for the rest of the day. i remember looking at the clock at 11pm, thinking “i gotta write my blog!”, making a cuppa, getting distracted, and looking at the clock again at 1am* in bed as i was about to fall asleep. i thought, i could quickly just write something about me going to sleep, but the last two posts kind of sucked like A LOT! so i figured i’d spare you and write something substantial today. which i will proceed with now!

so what i REALLY wanna do is make a vlog, but my hair looks like crap, so i won’t. i mean, while at face value that may seem really shallow, but lets look at it in the long run. i’m not one to go deleting my videos. which means that vlog of me looking terrible is gonna be up there forever. there are already a couple videos up there that make me cringe. do i REALLY need to make more? (NO.) does that REALLY sound like a good idea? (nope) can i just jot down what i want to vlog about and do a vlog tomorrow? (yep!)

so remember how i mentioned that i needed a new bonnet dryer? well i finally bought one. and it came lightening fast! as in, 1 day instead of my free 2 day (i <3 Prime). in case that wasn’t clear, that’s overnight shipping for the low, low price of free.

so hopefully when i use it tonight it doesn’t overheat and stop in five minutes, overheat and proceed melting my skin off, or otherwise break or malfunction. *crosses fingers* **

in other news, there really is no other news except maybe that i need to start working on #hotnerdsexy. gotta record a show in a couple weeks! eek!

* that looks like LAM, but i pressed the one key, i swear!

** might i mention that i take issue with saying “*crosses fingers*” (despite how much i say it) because of it’s double entendre properties. now, most of the time when you see people say it (just in general around the ‘nets) they mean they cross their fingers in a superstitious way which means they are hoping in favor of something. however, on occasion it can be taken to mean that you are lying. the classic fingers crossed behind the back. and every time i write “*fingers crossed*” i have to give myself a little reassurance talk that people will know that i mean that i’m sincerely hoping for the best as opposed to sinisterly lying to their faces. …i overthink things sometimes. i know.

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>Mondays are Awesome (no really!)

>blogging before i get to tired and this becomes BEODA (Blog Every Other Day in April). not that there’s anything wrong with blogging every other day, but then it would be pronounced bee-oh-duh, and that just sounds dumb.

i did not go to sleep until, like, 1:30am. because i’m dumb, obviously.

when i do my hair, i sleep in a bonnet dryer like this:

it usually dries my hair in no time. it also sometimes gets so hot it burns me, but i’m a freak and sleep through it.* (i’ve started waking up when i start to feel too hot. no worries!)

last night i apparently took it off (half asleep and with no recollection of the event, as usual**) too soon and had to spend half an hour with my regular, hand-held hair dryer. even so, i still had the worst hair day ever. :/

don’t you love Monday mornings? i TOTALLY do! *copious amounts of sarcasm*

at least i got more of my awesome caffeinated cocoa in the mail today. so that was good.

oh yeah! and i made a vlog!

well, i’m tired and i’m going to bed. see you tomorrow! 😀

* seriously. who can sleep through LITERALLY being burned??? what the fuck is wrong with my nervous system?!?

** i sleep like the dead. you could literally pick me up and drop me and i won’t wake up. i know from what people have told me they’ve done in attempts to wake me up. i’ve also, on occasion, had entire conversations in my sleep (phone, in person, whatever) and have no memory of it when i wake up.

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