>paradox banal

>cue music…
Jem – Save Me by ChelseaIRL
and… ACTION!

so hey, blog! how’s it going? …yeah, yeah, yeah. you’re so conceited! all about you! my turn to talk! sheesh!

so, Katie, a friend i met at VidCon, just started vlogging. and in one of her vlogs (the one you will find below), she talks about not really having anything interesting going on and spending most of her time on the computer. and i left a comment that said this (among other things… so yeah ok, i left two comments. don’t judge me!):

and don’t worry if nothing is going on and you spend all your time online. ((secret: that’s almost 100% of vloggers))

like, most of my vlogs, i show one ofο»Ώ the shirts in my collection, tell some weird story, or just talk about my day. πŸ™‚

this comment about the content of my vlogs has got me thinking though. has life in general just gotten less weird, or have i just become numb to it? i mean, surely the world i was in at 18 (the story in my latest vlog) isn’t less weird than the world is now. if anything, the opposite must be true. so why don’t i have as many weird stories?

well, one of the more obvious reasons that comes to mind is that my chief means of transportation is no longer my feet. another is that i’m far more skilled at deflecting weirdos before they can attempt to engage in conversation. but there must be more to it than that!

also, how is it that most of us vloggers, with all our stories and memes and footage, could have, for the most part, boring and uneventful lives? i mean, shouldn’t the people with crazy and exciting lives be vlogging? but then, they don’t log countless hours in front of their computers, do they?

i’m just pointing out that it’s rather strange and incongruous that those who do so little could have so much to talk about. i mean, tell me the name of just ONE vlogger who, at the end of the day, isn’t just a guy/girl alone talking to their camera. school and/or a job, a family, responsibilities. pretty boring. and yet they vlog. and it’s watchable! it’s a paradox, that’s all i’m saying!

ok, blog. i’m gonna go back to my boring life now. πŸ™‚

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>cop out

>i haven’t gone to sleep yet, so this counts as a post on the right day. and now i must go to sleep! good night! <!– text

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>near fail

>hiya blog!

did I completely forget about you, and am I now posting in bed from my phone upon remembering you before I fell asleep? you bet I am! improved with this swype thing, haven’t I?

ok, g’night blog!

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>vlogging changed my life, yo!

>hey blog!

i nearly forgot about you already! can you believe it??? i know!

hmm… a song… a song… here’s one i like!

Nico Vega – So So Fresh by ChelseaIRL

i just love the energy of that song! it’s just bursting! oh, and fun fact: i usually am listening to whatever song i put at the top while i write the rest of the blog. bonus fact: i put the song at the top so you can hit play and listen to it while you read.

there is just not enough time in the day, you know that? i didn’t even go to work today, and yet it feels like i’m still just as behind as without a day off! too many things to do! :/

i must admit, i’m not in much of a blogging mood, all. but that’s because i’m working on my #secretproject right now and i want to be thinking about that, and i can’t talk about it here. at least not till Thursday. so…

what shall we talk about blog? oh! we can talk about how i never did post my 5 part VidCon video! i’m kinda at the point that i think no one cares. so, if anyone still actually cares for me to post it, then i’ll finish editing it. otherwise it’ll just be another thing that sits quietly on my hard drive. there is a small collection of things there. ideas that never came to fruition. poor abandoned videos.

thinking of videos, i really would like to start vlogging more often. i really don’t think i do so often enough. especially considering i only have my channel and 7NAP. and 7NAP is never a chore. i mean, sometimes i don’t feel like vlogging, but i’d rather do it than not.

i’ve been thinking a lot about persona lately. reality vs. perception. my goal in my vlogs is always to be what you get in real life in the present realm. because i think that’s kind of the hardest thing to achieve in a vlog. an actual, accurate representation of yourself. i mean, we all edit out the worst parts. so you’re never really getting the real picture. so my new approach to vlogging is to cut the time of filming. if i want to make a video that’s 4 minutes long, then i should record for no longer than 5 minutes. i mean, there are obviously gonna be moments where i pause and such, but overall i want to keep everything i do in. that way you get the real me. so yeah, that’s the plan. vlog more often and take less time to do it.

ok, i’m about to get rather corny right now, so just skip the next paragraph if you have a weak stomach, but i really think that VidCon changed me. something about spending three days straight surrounded by people who think like you, like the same things you like, and just generally like being nice to each other… it’s like you can’t believe such a thing could be possible until you live in it. and it also makes you kind of feel validated in a way. like, so yeah, none of the people that surround you in your present life get you. but there are literally hundreds of people who are just like you, so it doesn’t really matter. it’s like, “well, you can look at me weird all you want. cuz i know that these other hundred people like what i’m doing.” and that confidence is the way i’ve changed. it’s not some HUGE change. i’m not a different person. i’m just a lot more secure about being that person.

a strange, but relevant example is music. i’ve always been very self-conscious about my musical taste. i really do believe that music says something about what kind of person you are. so i’m kind of afraid that people will judge me if i don’t like the right music or something. in other words, before VidCon, i would NEVER have decided to stick songs i like in all of my blogs for a month. i mean, now and then to convey a certain emotion, but EVERY day?! NO WAY! that leaves me way to exposed!!! but now, it’s ok.

alright, so now that we’ve come full circle, i think i can bid you good night, and go back to working on something that you will (hopefully) think is awesome! πŸ™‚
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>hear the music, get excited, don’t be a douche

>hiya blog!

ok, so first i’m going to apologize to Meg, because she is going to hate the sound quality of this song. but Meg, it’s indie, ok? just listen to the lyrics!

Vroom – Untitled (I Love You[You Can’t Stand Me]) by ChelseaIRL

ok, so… i posted two vlogs today. but hear me out! one was linked to my old channel so that people would know about the new channel. and the other was just, ya know, a vlog. mostly just getting people excited about my secret projects. so now they know one of them has something to do with #hotnerdsexy and that everything will be disclosed on Thursday, but NOTHING else! oh! suspense!!!

i’m gonna keep this up you know? building the hype! πŸ˜€
but honestly i’m just ridiculously excited about this! and i hope that everyone else will like what i’m working on. cuz, it’ll be SOOOO much fun if you do! πŸ˜€

ok, we interrupt your regularly scheduled blog to bring you “he said, she said.” (this JUST happened)

i said (in the comments of PhillyD’s latest Vloggity):
i just can’t stop looking at the clocks! all those clocks! what TIME ZONEο»Ώ ARE THEY IN?!?

ok. vid over. i’m back. such a creepy casting call! i AM in the LA area, and i am NOT game! creeper! XD

then he said:
The1Ray1W1Johnson: @ChelseaIRL hahaha stupid american. timezones r in 1 hr incriments* or 30 mins if u include pei u learn thisο»Ώ in grade 4 those r random times otherwise theyd b mostly pointing to the same minute

so i replied:
@The1Ray1W1Johnson um… i was just joking. it’s very obvious that they’re random. :/

just because i’m American doesn’t mean i’m an idiot. and i don’t know where you’re from, but you might wanna work on not jumping to conclusions, not being condescending, and not being prejudiced against other nations.

ugh! the nerve of some people! first of all, no sense of humor, so obviously worthless. second of all, i’m American, so you assume i don’t know about time zones. and third, i really don’t need you to educate me, thanks so much! just… triple threat nerve! in a word: douche.

see, it’s moments like these when i forget to be awesome and just want to pass out the poison Kool-Aid.

anywho! so you happen to be listening to one of my favorite songs ever. although i’m not very emo IRL, i do have rather emo musical taste. it’s weird and incongruous, i know. and yet, it’s fact. i’m especially a sucker for songs such as this that melodically sound rather happy, but the lyrics are so “aw! sad panda!” or are really mean, a la Fall Out Boy. basically when the music conveys one emotion and the lyrics convey another, i love it!

ok. well, i’m sleepy already, blog and i’ve still got shit to do. so i’ll catch you tomorrow! πŸ™‚

ps. where ARE you Lydia?!? i sent you the thing. email me! or Skype me! or even YouTube me!
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>no progress

>hello blog! check it out! a REAL blog post!

sorry about yesterday, but i had to post my 7NAP video, and i simply didn’t have any more time. i mean, BEDA has priority and everything, but 7NAP comes first.

and now for the music! just one long metaphor!
Hellogoodbye – Homewrecker by ChelseaIRL

why this song? other than the fact that it’s one long metaphor? because i love Hellogoodbye. and i love this song. and i danced to it (and the rest of the album) before going to sleep last night.

so, the plan for today was to go shopping for a car.

…well. we went shopping.

me and my mother hadn’t been to the Body Shop in at least a year. and there was a sale. so we got stuff. let me tell you blog, i smell really good. πŸ™‚

i also got new blush. i needed some. so.

…you know, my day, overall, has been rather uneventful. and i usually read something or see something that inspires me in some way. but nothing really happened today. and since i don’t have anything to tell you, here is my attempt to make up for it:

Chuck Progress

first, i don’t like the idea of being tied to one name for this project. plus, the word play is irresistible. i mean, seriously, how can you not call this “Klosterfuck.” especially with the gratuitious use of the word (fuck) in the first chapter. so, this is what it will be called today.


chapter two covered the parallels of the Sims to real life. not as many lols. still enjoyable. again, i can’t get over Klosterman’s pessimistic, super-cynical outlook. but if you can sit through the more conceited and condescending of the cynicism, then the payoff (when he gets to the point) is still worth it. so far. i’ll keep you posted.

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>fake quo

>so, i’m sure you’ve noticed that every post so far has had music to go with it. and i’m gonna keep that up, blog. cuz, well, i enjoy it and since this is my blog, we’re gonna do what i like. now, you may be saying, “uh-uh! you did NOT have music every day. the other day, day two, you did NOT have music.” and this is true. originally that post did not have music. it was supposed to, but SoundCloud wouldn’t cooperate, and it was 11:50pm, so i was out of time. but it’s there now!

Andrew Bird – Fake Palindromes by ChelseaIRL

oh, i am tired today blog. as much as i would love to ramble on, this is gonna have to be cut short, cuz i think i’m gonna try to actually get a decent amount of sleep tonight. a major step in one of my #secretplans is gonna happen tomorrow! i’m very excited about this. and a little nervous. and i really hope you like it!

oh, and thinking of stuff i haven’t told you yet, i made a twitter account called @BEDAlist i’m basically gonna RT all announcements of new posts as well as announce all posts as i notice they’ve been posted. so if you forget to read a blog or something, there will be a little twitter reminder to help you out. πŸ™‚ this has two purposes: 1) to help everyone read each other’s blogs. 2) to make me stay current on everybody’s blogs.

if you know anyone who should be on the list and is not, just tweet their Skype name at me and i’ll get it sorted.

i’m so tired right now i can’t quite think straight. i did NOT get enough sleep last night. and i’m too tired right now to even remember why. and i’ve got a busy day ahead of me, blog. stupid work is always getting in the way of my life, i swear!

ok, if you’ve known me for longer than this blog post, then you’ve see me say that before. what do i mean by that? i do not believe work is your life. exception being if you actually like your job. like, live for what you’re doing. otherwise, those 40 hours are just what you do so you can afford the other 128. and it’s really not fair cuz about 56 of those 128 real life hours are spent sleeping. so really, give or take a few, you’re only getting 56 hours a week of real life. that’s not even three days a week! personally, it makes me want to figure out ways to make an independent living or spend less time sleeping. point is, i wanna turn that time table inside out. i want to be getting at least 100 hours a week of real life time. that’s about 4 days. i think that’s only fair to get most the days of the week. i mean, after all, for all we can really physically prove, this IS the only life we’ll be getting a shot at. we don’t even know if we’ll have any sort of consciousness afterward. and if you ask me, that makes my time just that much more precious here. and more than half of it is being spent working and sleeping. if you ask me, those scales are WAY off kilter.

so there you go. in summary, let there be music, follow @BEDAlist, and disrupt the status quo. “because the status is not quo!” ok, i’m gonna leave you now so i can spend my time sleeping instead of reading, researching, and basically having a nerdy good time.

BONUS CONTENT: if you know Clive at all, then 0:55 will be epic. if you don’t know Clive… well i’m not sure we can still be friends. yeah, he’s just that awesome.

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>and so it begins…

>hey, Blog! fancy meeting you here!

(it’s random, but it’s from my favorite band and is absolutely ridiculous. as is this blog. well, it’s not from my favorite band… you know what i mean!)
Hellogoodbye – Welcome to My Record [GM OG Mix] by coolhandjohnny

so here we are, doing that BEDA thing again, except this time the A stands for August. why am i doing this you ask? well clearly i didn’t get enough torture the last time!!!

seriously though, i’m doing this because i got to know my friends better doing this project. and even more of them are doing it this time which means it’s going to be even better! also, i kind of failed last time. …well, i did fail last time. there were days i forgot to post or posted late, and this time i wanna do it right! so here’s to 30 more days of this! πŸ™‚

oh, and you may notice the lack of snazzy countdown counter. i thought i was gonna do one, but then realized, last minute, that i just couldn’t be bothered and would rather work on my secret projects which are discussed (cryptically) herein.

so i think we should start out seeing what i’m doing today and now, and then comparing notes on the 31st. that’s one of my out of thin air ideas, so theoretically, it should work.

right now i’m working on two relatively secret projects with my friends Meg and Lydia. (who are also doing BEDA and who are pretty much the only people who read my blog.) hi guys! or i should say ladies. but i won’t because that just is getting way too PC and i was just going for an informal greeting. digression!!! so yeah, relatively secret projects. “relatively” because Meg knows about me and Lydia’s project, and a small handful of people (such as Lydia) know about me and Meg’s project. but only I know all the details of BOTH! muahahahaha!

ok, not a big deal, but hey! how often do you get to pull out the evil laughter??? right?

also, i’m trying to talk myself into paying for LeakyCon right now. it’s in Orlando next year. first day is my birthday. so i could LEGITIMATELY make it my birthday present for next year. however, i don’t have the money for it at the moment. well, i mean TECHNICALLY i COULD pay for it now. but that’s just generally a BAD idea. the con itself isn’t the price i’m worried about. it’s the hotel stay. and LeakyCon’s forum doesn’t have a roommate section like VidCon’s did. πŸ™ oh, nerd dilemmas!

and next summer is going to be a VERY expensive summer that i’m going to have to start saving now for. there’s VidCon, and ComicCon, and SitC. SitC obviously being the most expensive as it will include a flight and hotel stay in London. ComicCon will require a hotel stay in San Diego. and VidCon, even if it’s in LA again, will require a hotel stay. plus the cost of the cons themselves. so now, thinking about investing in LeakyCon… i just don’t know. cuz i’m already determined to go to the other three. Also, i have to book the hotel now. and that’s the most expensive part! i just don’t have the money to pay for that part right now. the flight and the con yes. the hotel, no. if it were the other way around, i’d do it. but it’s not. ALSO, i’m planning on buying a car soon. car payments + insurance = EXPENSIVE. so, don’t exactly have the funds to be shelling out for expensive hotels in Orlando at the moment. πŸ™ #nerddilemma

wow, did i just devote not one, but TWO paragraphs to cons that are happening NEXT YEAR! yeah, i’m just gonna pass that one off as #hotnerdsexy. a term i invented two weeks ago. more on that in blogs to come.

for now, i leave you! and considering how long this thing has gotten, i think you’re probably glad. #relief #thankgodshestoppedtyping or, if you’re Lydia, #thanknoentityinparticularidon’tbelieveinthatshitshestoppedtyping <!– text

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