>where’s the beach?

>i’m home! and then there was no internet!!! and then my mommy fixed it. apparently the power plug to the modem died. so, new power plug and all is well. (this is a nerd house, so we already had a new plug. ♥)
so today after the Guide meeting (which i attended whilst en route with the Skype app on my beloved Droid), i went to Redondo Beach with my family. that is, my mom, my brother, my aunt Roxanne, my aunt Judy, and my cousin Jay*.
because my aunt Roxanne is cheap and would rather walk half a mile than spend $10 on parking (no. literally.) we walked for way to long to get to – the “King’s Wharf” or something?? we were supposed to end up at the beach. ya know. sand, water, and more sand, and then more water. but we never made it there. only my family wouldn’t be able to figure out how to get to the large expanse of sand and water that stretches 840 miles (from the top to the bottom of California).
i just got very distracted by tweets midway through my last sentence, started clicking the links on said tweets, and it took me an hour to get back to finishing this blog. :/
now i’m just too sleepy to say anything else worth saying. if i continue, it will just end up as worthless gibberish. or wait, i think that constitutes the entire contents of this blog. shit. :/

*his actual name is John. i’ve asked both he and my mother why i call him Jay, and both said, “i don’t know. that’s just the way it’s always been.” so yeah.
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>Day 3

went to the beach this morning! so relaxing and so pretty! you know those recordings of waves to help you sleep? well this was live and much much better! i nearly did fall asleep!

next i’m going with my aunt to listen to people try to sell her another time share. she’s not going to buy it. but it means snorkeling and the luau cost $200 less. so…

also, i posted my video for 7NAP and my 7NAP Extra. yay me of planning ahead! 🙂

so we went to the time share place. the tour took up most of the first hour and the mumbo-jumbo about points and such took up the SECOND HOUR! we were tired and hungry when it was done.

then we went to Front St. (kinda the main boulevard of Maui). we ate at this place called The Fish Co. and it was REALLY good! Macadamia nut crusted mahi mahi at a table overseeing the ocean. got to watch the sunset. so awesome!

so, i don’t know how, but i lost my spare camera battery. i charged it last night. put away the charger, and put the battery… in an undisclosed location. i really don’t know how i lost it while writing yesterday’s blog! me and my aunt have pretty much turned the place up-side down and it is NOWHERE! i unpacked and repacked my purse, camera bag and suitcase, looked… everywhere. either someone snuck in and stole it (but left my laptop) or a wizard snuck in and placed a shrinking charm on it. my money’s on the wizard theory.

snorkeling tomorrow. wake-up time at 5am. g’night interwebs!

**ps. my coconut shall be named Winston the Happy Coconut! :)**