>Mondays are Awesome (no really!)

>blogging before i get to tired and this becomes BEODA (Blog Every Other Day in April). not that there’s anything wrong with blogging every other day, but then it would be pronounced bee-oh-duh, and that just sounds dumb.

i did not go to sleep until, like, 1:30am. because i’m dumb, obviously.

when i do my hair, i sleep in a bonnet dryer like this:

it usually dries my hair in no time. it also sometimes gets so hot it burns me, but i’m a freak and sleep through it.* (i’ve started waking up when i start to feel too hot. no worries!)

last night i apparently took it off (half asleep and with no recollection of the event, as usual**) too soon and had to spend half an hour with my regular, hand-held hair dryer. even so, i still had the worst hair day ever. :/

don’t you love Monday mornings? i TOTALLY do! *copious amounts of sarcasm*

at least i got more of my awesome caffeinated cocoa in the mail today. so that was good.

oh yeah! and i made a vlog!

well, i’m tired and i’m going to bed. see you tomorrow! 😀

* seriously. who can sleep through LITERALLY being burned??? what the fuck is wrong with my nervous system?!?

** i sleep like the dead. you could literally pick me up and drop me and i won’t wake up. i know from what people have told me they’ve done in attempts to wake me up. i’ve also, on occasion, had entire conversations in my sleep (phone, in person, whatever) and have no memory of it when i wake up.

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