>write about Alan


so, i’m just gonna be honest: i’m still not inspired. but i am listening to Alan Lastufka’s new CD. only 2 tracks in so far so there’s only 2 things i can say so far: 1) i don’t know what i was expecting, but i was a bit surprised. 2) i like it so far.
and one more thing, i love the way it sounds like you’re listening to the radio. that’s a really cool idea. extra awesome points.
maybe i’ll talk more about it tomorrow, when i’ve listened to the whole thing.
oh, and if anyone’s wondering how i’m already listening to the album when the pre-orders just started today (you obviously haven’t pre-ordered it yourself, nor been following Alan’s VEDA), you get the whole 2 disc album complete with album art for download as soon as you order it. i only wish they had started this with the ALL CAPS album. i swear i seriously thought about emailing Alan and presenting him with my case for why he should send me the ALL CAPS digitally. i didn’t because i figured he’d think i was completely mad. well, i guess i was wrong. though it does make me wonder if he came up with the idea on his own or if someone as crazy and impatient as me asked him to send the CD digitally. (my case was going to be “i already paid for it. i’m going to rip the CD as soon as i receive it anyway. you’ve got the money, i want to listen to it on my ipod. why not just let me have it now?”)
well, as fascinating as this blog has been, i’m going to have to end it now. i plan to write something much more interesting tomorrow. i mean, there’s only 3 blogs left. gotta make ’em good right? (or at least decent.) 🙂
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>update… tl;dr

>so i’ve been posting a lot lately, but i haven’t really been talking about what’s going on with me. which is rather strange considering that this is my blog. in fact, i don’t even think i’ve mentioned The Guide to Nerdfighting …in your pants. which is weird since i’m absolutely obsessed with it. (my mother wants to strangle me every time she hears the word Nerdfighter now.)

so, i should probably go in chronological order, but since time in my universe doesn’t flow in a manner compatible with the rest of existence, that probably won’t end up working too well. so i’ll just have to write it the way it makes sense in my head!

so this morning i was driven to work by my mechanic. whom i’d never met before. because my mom always dealt with him. it. was. SURREAL. he has a beige Mercedes circa 1987 which looks much like this:
so old car, old guy, playing old music. i mean old like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Judy Garland. literally.

i saw Hank Green last Saturday, and i posted pictures of that, but i didn’t write about it. as you would expect it. was. EPIC. in the middle of playing songs, he took questions for about half an hour. he answered everything from “what did you do before vlogbrothers?” to “pirates or ninjas?” to “Star Wars or Star Trek?” at which point he answered Star Trek. at which point 50% of the room’s hearts, including my own, broke. it was quite a strange experience to hear almost exactly half of a room cheering while the other half gaped in shocked silence. and near the end of the blissfully long Q&A, people were casually asking questions and he was talking as if it were just an abnormally large conversation. oh, and just a fun little point: when Hank got to the line “I’d be wearing wizard robes with gold and red” in This Isn’t Hogwarts, all the Gryffindors in the room started cheering. <3
Dr Noise opened for him, and i feel really bad that since i was so centered on telling Hank about The Guide i didn’t get a signed copy of his CD. 🙁 my one regret of the night.

but speaking of The Guide it’s the most wonderful thing that could possibly happen. that is, it will be if we ever succeed in getting the word out about it! and for the record, i WILL be committing my letters to Hank and John to paper TODAY. i’ve written a message to Alex Day (aka Nerimon) and i’ll be writing to other hi-profile Nerdfighters soon! so we’ll see how this pans out. and on a side note, i’m no longer an Alan fan (for reasons related to The Guide). 🙁

oh! and i am going to Hawaii on Wednesday! and i am EXTREMELY excited about this! there are only two things that concern me. 1) i can’t go to The Guide meeting that following Sunday 2) i may not be able to make/post a video that Friday for 7NAP. there’s no way for me to remedy not being able to go to The Guide meeting, but i am going to make a video on Tuesday and ask one of the other girls to switch it to “public” on Friday. hopefully though, i’ll just be able to make a video from Hawaii.

and that brings up 7NAP, which is 7 Nerds-a-Plenty, the new video project i’m involved in which is in its second week. i’m Friday, so i’ll be posting a video later today. i will also be posting a video on my channel later, because i’ve been meaning to all week, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

and i think that gets me all caught up for now!

oh yeah, and i like Hank’s song “The Vegetables” more than i probably should. :/