>A Word to the Wise

>why do people say that? “a word to the wise.” what the saying means is, “it would be wise of you to take this advice.” but what it literally means is “here is some advice for the wise.” if you already consider them to be wise, they probably don’t need you to advise them. and if you’re giving wise people advice, then you clearly feel that you are wiser than them. which means you’re also a pompous asshole. or perhaps you just don’t have a firm grasp on the English language and are mixing your words. or you’re just stupid and don’t know how to properly communicate your ideas. any way you cut it*, nobody wins. leastwise the wise people you’ve chosen to pontificate to. i’m sure they can’t wait for you to fuck off.

just fyi, some of this blog (mostly the asides) were written ahead of time and have been noted as such.

so anyways, God. i have this… thing. and maybe if i blog it i can get it out off my mind. i just don’t understand why Creationists can’t get on the Big Bang bandwagon.** seriously. it’s the Creationists who are always going on about how God is all omni- everything, but they’re not willing to give God credit for something as miraculous as the big bang??? i mean, right in their own book it says God created Earth and the heavens and stuff those first couple of days. God just creates it. out of nowhere. sounds like the fucking big bang to me! i think it’s pretty fucking disrespectful to assume that God isn’t capable of such a miraculous event.

i dunno. that’s just my take on life, the universe, and everything. well, a part of it anyway. i think all kinds of strange things. but you’ll get to see more of that for the rest of the month.

a word to those who may be ill advised***, don’t argue about the existence (or non-existence as the case may be) of God. there is no conclusion. (or, rather there is, but there is no way of proving it) i also have theories as to why this is. but one blog at a time, eh?

(11am) also, a quick aside, I am one of the said ex-WaMu customers. i am looking for a new bank now after banking with WaMu (and therefore Chase) for… well since i’ve had a bank account. fyi, that’s almost 10 yrs. now. :/ – http://dft.ba/-jsF #annoyed

also, another quick aside: seriously, YouTube?!? you’re gonna tell me (in my email) about the video Lydia posted on 7NAP TODAY!!! SO much fail!! i mean, i already watched it on Sunday, but still, SOOOOOO much FAIL!!! ugh!!!
this has been happening for… days. and it’s really annoying, but it also happened just NOW (1:10pm). so this is my fresh anger! squids of anger perhaps. (i also happen to be watching John Green live right now)

(1:40pm)yet another quick aside: my thermostat in my temporary work area (also known as reception) is absolutely belligerent! when i tell it to get no colder than 72F (which i believe is still a bit chilly), it refuses and stubbornly mocks me by staying a resolute 71.9F. but i am on to it’s little games! i have fooled it into thinking that i want it no colder than 73F, so now it is keeping the temperature at a firm and steady 72F. i win.

* “any way you cut it” now there’s a saying that actually makes sense!

** alliteration! what, what! 😛

*** which is what the saying should be! cuz, ya know, it actually makes sense!

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