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>hello blog! check it out! a REAL blog post!

sorry about yesterday, but i had to post my 7NAP video, and i simply didn’t have any more time. i mean, BEDA has priority and everything, but 7NAP comes first.

and now for the music! just one long metaphor!
Hellogoodbye – Homewrecker by ChelseaIRL

why this song? other than the fact that it’s one long metaphor? because i love Hellogoodbye. and i love this song. and i danced to it (and the rest of the album) before going to sleep last night.

so, the plan for today was to go shopping for a car.

…well. we went shopping.

me and my mother hadn’t been to the Body Shop in at least a year. and there was a sale. so we got stuff. let me tell you blog, i smell really good. 🙂

i also got new blush. i needed some. so.

…you know, my day, overall, has been rather uneventful. and i usually read something or see something that inspires me in some way. but nothing really happened today. and since i don’t have anything to tell you, here is my attempt to make up for it:

Chuck Progress

first, i don’t like the idea of being tied to one name for this project. plus, the word play is irresistible. i mean, seriously, how can you not call this “Klosterfuck.” especially with the gratuitious use of the word (fuck) in the first chapter. so, this is what it will be called today.


chapter two covered the parallels of the Sims to real life. not as many lols. still enjoyable. again, i can’t get over Klosterman’s pessimistic, super-cynical outlook. but if you can sit through the more conceited and condescending of the cynicism, then the payoff (when he gets to the point) is still worth it. so far. i’ll keep you posted.

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