>unexpected rant

>ok blog. so, i wrote part of this post earlier. you’ll see why when you get to that part. in the mean time, i’m writing this as fast as i can so i can get to sleep cuz… well i’m always staying up to late cuz i’m some sort of masochist. like, a masochist who likes causing myself the mental pain of only being able to survive a work day by chugging caffeine. no, i don’t understand it either.

anyway, here’s what i wrote earlier. more of the normal babble to follow.

oh, blog. i was going to wait till i got home to update you on my entire day, but some things you have to get out while they’re fresh.

i just got THE rudest call EVER! (i’m answering the phone at work until we get a receptionist.)

this guy calls from some center for abused women and children. and i’m like, “what is the call regarding… besides… that?” and he’s like, “what didn’t you understand about the question?” already, i think he’s an asshole. “well, are you looking for a donation, or… what?” “i asked to speak to the owner.” “well, (slight pause as i choose my words) if this is a solicitation, then that won’t matter.” “are you a college graduate? because it doesn’t sound like you are.”

i. was. FURIOUS!

“yes, i am. and now i’m hanging up on you because you are rude.”

i wasn’t furious because he questioned my education. like, i’m not offended personally. i’m offended that he assumes that anyone answering the phone is uneducated. i’m offended that he assumes that someone without a college degree is lesser than. and i’m offended that he thought that he could call me out and bully me. people who think like that are so sickening!

but the worst part isn’t the fact that i had to deal with someone like that. the worst part is that abused women and children have someone like that speaking on their behalf. they’d be better off with no representation at all!

also, i would be remiss not to say: how many people do you know who go around asking if a call is a “solicitation.” not that non-college graduates don’t know the word, but it’s less likely that they will use it in a common phone exchange. if he weren’t such a power-tripping imbecile he would have been clued in to my education level just from my vernacular. *sigh* so MANY morons in the world!

so yeah. i was really upset at that particular moment. and i mean, seriously, why is that guy allowed to call anyone? it’s too bad we don’t have caller ID at work or i would have complained to his manager.

so the rest of my day was mainly uneventful. i watched the first two episodes of the new season of United States of Tara when i got home. i couldn’t talk myself into the 1hr 40 min. long series premiere of Borgias.

what’s that? you’ve never heard of Borgias? don’t worry about it. don’t even Google it. seriously. you’ll probably be better off. that’s right. the seemingly non-stop advertisements put me off it that much. that and Nurse Jackie. you wanna hear my impression of the last season of Nurse Jackie? “You’re a drug addict.” “You’re a drug addict.” “You’re a drug addict.” “Admit you have a problem.” “You didn’t tell anyone you had a husband?” “How long are you going to keeps this secret?” “You’re a drug addict.”

what’s that you say? i didn’t see the last season of Nurse Jackie??? didn’t need to. Showtime insisted upon showing me an add before every episode of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I WATCHED! …ok. maybe i’m being a little dramatic. it wasn’t everything. it was interspersed with ads for Borgias. i pretty much know the story line for the first half of the season. and i’m sure, if they continue their 15 minute blocks of ads after every show, i’ll get to see the highlights of the second half as well.

what happened to the good old days when “premium” channels only showed quick teasers for their shows and got back to the programming. fucking TV.

anyway, it’s 10pm, i’m really tired and this whole blog has been a ranty mess. one topic more pointless than the next. i mean, honestly, i didn’t intend to rant at all. all i was gonna say was i watched United States of Tara, that i like that show despite it’s goofiness, and that i’m gonna go to bed. and then that whole rant just launched a surprise attack!

and though i stand by every word of my other rant, it was also spontaneous and unintentional.

yeah, that was my roundabout (and rather long-winded) way of saying sorry for all the whining. i’ll try to be a little more stable tomorrow.

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