>Mondays are Awesome (no really!)

>blogging before i get to tired and this becomes BEODA (Blog Every Other Day in April). not that there’s anything wrong with blogging every other day, but then it would be pronounced bee-oh-duh, and that just sounds dumb.

i did not go to sleep until, like, 1:30am. because i’m dumb, obviously.

when i do my hair, i sleep in a bonnet dryer like this:

it usually dries my hair in no time. it also sometimes gets so hot it burns me, but i’m a freak and sleep through it.* (i’ve started waking up when i start to feel too hot. no worries!)

last night i apparently took it off (half asleep and with no recollection of the event, as usual**) too soon and had to spend half an hour with my regular, hand-held hair dryer. even so, i still had the worst hair day ever. :/

don’t you love Monday mornings? i TOTALLY do! *copious amounts of sarcasm*

at least i got more of my awesome caffeinated cocoa in the mail today. so that was good.

oh yeah! and i made a vlog!

well, i’m tired and i’m going to bed. see you tomorrow! 😀

* seriously. who can sleep through LITERALLY being burned??? what the fuck is wrong with my nervous system?!?

** i sleep like the dead. you could literally pick me up and drop me and i won’t wake up. i know from what people have told me they’ve done in attempts to wake me up. i’ve also, on occasion, had entire conversations in my sleep (phone, in person, whatever) and have no memory of it when i wake up.

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>fake quo

>so, i’m sure you’ve noticed that every post so far has had music to go with it. and i’m gonna keep that up, blog. cuz, well, i enjoy it and since this is my blog, we’re gonna do what i like. now, you may be saying, “uh-uh! you did NOT have music every day. the other day, day two, you did NOT have music.” and this is true. originally that post did not have music. it was supposed to, but SoundCloud wouldn’t cooperate, and it was 11:50pm, so i was out of time. but it’s there now!

Andrew Bird – Fake Palindromes by ChelseaIRL

oh, i am tired today blog. as much as i would love to ramble on, this is gonna have to be cut short, cuz i think i’m gonna try to actually get a decent amount of sleep tonight. a major step in one of my #secretplans is gonna happen tomorrow! i’m very excited about this. and a little nervous. and i really hope you like it!

oh, and thinking of stuff i haven’t told you yet, i made a twitter account called @BEDAlist i’m basically gonna RT all announcements of new posts as well as announce all posts as i notice they’ve been posted. so if you forget to read a blog or something, there will be a little twitter reminder to help you out. 🙂 this has two purposes: 1) to help everyone read each other’s blogs. 2) to make me stay current on everybody’s blogs.

if you know anyone who should be on the list and is not, just tweet their Skype name at me and i’ll get it sorted.

i’m so tired right now i can’t quite think straight. i did NOT get enough sleep last night. and i’m too tired right now to even remember why. and i’ve got a busy day ahead of me, blog. stupid work is always getting in the way of my life, i swear!

ok, if you’ve known me for longer than this blog post, then you’ve see me say that before. what do i mean by that? i do not believe work is your life. exception being if you actually like your job. like, live for what you’re doing. otherwise, those 40 hours are just what you do so you can afford the other 128. and it’s really not fair cuz about 56 of those 128 real life hours are spent sleeping. so really, give or take a few, you’re only getting 56 hours a week of real life. that’s not even three days a week! personally, it makes me want to figure out ways to make an independent living or spend less time sleeping. point is, i wanna turn that time table inside out. i want to be getting at least 100 hours a week of real life time. that’s about 4 days. i think that’s only fair to get most the days of the week. i mean, after all, for all we can really physically prove, this IS the only life we’ll be getting a shot at. we don’t even know if we’ll have any sort of consciousness afterward. and if you ask me, that makes my time just that much more precious here. and more than half of it is being spent working and sleeping. if you ask me, those scales are WAY off kilter.

so there you go. in summary, let there be music, follow @BEDAlist, and disrupt the status quo. “because the status is not quo!” ok, i’m gonna leave you now so i can spend my time sleeping instead of reading, researching, and basically having a nerdy good time.

BONUS CONTENT: if you know Clive at all, then 0:55 will be epic. if you don’t know Clive… well i’m not sure we can still be friends. yeah, he’s just that awesome.

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