>there is a name for my animosity toward Stephanie Meyer’s predilection for repetitive verbiage, and that name is “chagrin.”*

seriously, you could play a fucking drinking game to this book. which is really a shame since, with exception of the excessive use of “chagrin,”** it’s really not a bad book.

all the scenes and dialog move the story along. sometimes i think the pacing could be helped. maybe that certain conversations or descriptions run a bit long, but none are pointless.

i’m a little suspicious of my judgement however. ever since City of Masks,*** i’m afraid that anything will pass as good in comparison.

but no. the more i think about it, and rate it against my criteria, the more i think it’s ok. i mean, it’s no HP or Hunger Games or Apathy and Other Small Victories, but it’s definitely not bad. …and doesn’t drag on like Blindsight tended to do. and when i got to the end i really liked Blindsight, but there were moments where i was unsure. also, Blindsight had a character named Chelsea which i just found kind of distracting.

but i was talking about The Host. oh yeah, did i mention we were talking about The Host? we’re talking about The Host. yeah. so far, not bad. but i haven’t gotten to the end yet. it’s still possible it will be devastatingly disappointing. we’ll see.

* i was trying to find the right word for my feeling. more than annoyance. more intense than simple anger. rage would be overboard. i looked to the thesaurus and it suggested “chagrin.” :/

** which is among my list of favorable words. when it’s not grossly overused, of course.

*** which is pretty much the most annoying book ever. ESPECIALLY the ending. ugh! you remember, it’s the one i ranted about. the one that said “dragon eyes” and said something about two hearts beating as one, or some schmaltzy crap like that.

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>boring day

>sorry, blog, but i’m not really in the mood to write. not a blog post anyway.

i had a pretty boring day. i ran a bunch of errands, then i watched Doctor Who (which i’ll need to watch again, though i liked it), and then i started looking for new books to put on my ipod. any suggestions, especially sci-fi and/or supernatural ones, would be appreciated.

anyway, i’m gonna go back to writing. it’s shit. but at least it’s writing. <!– text

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>hey blog!

so i don’t know how, but we’ve been making our way through this month pretty damn fast. WAY faster than i was expecting. because of this, i’ve finally spent some time preparing for my podcast.

i was gonna go to Sci-Fi Friday* tonight, but i just was too tired to go. just driving home is tiring now since it’s never gonna take less than 30 minutes now. kind of annoying.

even though it’s only 10:30 i feel pretty tired now. yet there’s still so many things i want to do. …like watch the first two seasons of ReBoot. because nothing says nostalgia like watching the cartoons you grew up with. and i’m SO glad that i’ve procrastinated looking up that show till now. cuz they JUST released it last month. and they’re releasing season 3&4 (the last seasons) in June. so, yeah. perfect timing, universe. we should coordinate things like this more often.

in other news, i really need to just pick one thing to focus on and do it. i can’t decide on one thing and end up not doing anything. like, i start doing one thing and in the process of doing that thing, i think of something else, and i start doing that thing, and that keeps going till i get around to the first thing, and the circle keeps going until i go to sleep. and at the end of that circle i haven’t made any real progress on any one thing because by the time i get back to it i’m like, “where was i?” and i have to back track, and by the time i get to the point where i left off, i get distracted again. right now that’s the description of my entire life. :/

ok, blog. you’ve suffered through my aimless rambling for long enough now. we’ll take a break from the torture for now and take up again tomorrow.

also, this: http://youtu.be/3V0YaS6c7f0

* same lady who put together the Buffy Meet-Ups also has get-togethers at her house. she is the one who is having the Doctor Who viewing party. <!– text

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>obvious priorities


ok. worst excuse ever. are you ready?

watching reality TV.

nothing near as vile as Jersey Shore (is that show still on?), but still. I should have blogged. writing should always come before watching. :/

I almost forgot completely but I was changing my phone’s wallpaper before going to sleep,* and after I looked at my home screen and saw my blogger app and was like, “oh shit! blog!” and now I’m blogging in bed on my phone.

ok. now I’m going to bed! g’night blog! see you tomorrow!

* so obviously a priority! HOW could I sleep without doing that first!?

>something substantial (?)

>hey blog!

so yesterday i zonked out on the couch for about an hour and threw off my sense of time for the rest of the day. i remember looking at the clock at 11pm, thinking “i gotta write my blog!”, making a cuppa, getting distracted, and looking at the clock again at 1am* in bed as i was about to fall asleep. i thought, i could quickly just write something about me going to sleep, but the last two posts kind of sucked like A LOT! so i figured i’d spare you and write something substantial today. which i will proceed with now!

so what i REALLY wanna do is make a vlog, but my hair looks like crap, so i won’t. i mean, while at face value that may seem really shallow, but lets look at it in the long run. i’m not one to go deleting my videos. which means that vlog of me looking terrible is gonna be up there forever. there are already a couple videos up there that make me cringe. do i REALLY need to make more? (NO.) does that REALLY sound like a good idea? (nope) can i just jot down what i want to vlog about and do a vlog tomorrow? (yep!)

so remember how i mentioned that i needed a new bonnet dryer? well i finally bought one. and it came lightening fast! as in, 1 day instead of my free 2 day (i <3 Prime). in case that wasn’t clear, that’s overnight shipping for the low, low price of free.

so hopefully when i use it tonight it doesn’t overheat and stop in five minutes, overheat and proceed melting my skin off, or otherwise break or malfunction. *crosses fingers* **

in other news, there really is no other news except maybe that i need to start working on #hotnerdsexy. gotta record a show in a couple weeks! eek!

* that looks like LAM, but i pressed the one key, i swear!

** might i mention that i take issue with saying “*crosses fingers*” (despite how much i say it) because of it’s double entendre properties. now, most of the time when you see people say it (just in general around the ‘nets) they mean they cross their fingers in a superstitious way which means they are hoping in favor of something. however, on occasion it can be taken to mean that you are lying. the classic fingers crossed behind the back. and every time i write “*fingers crossed*” i have to give myself a little reassurance talk that people will know that i mean that i’m sincerely hoping for the best as opposed to sinisterly lying to their faces. …i overthink things sometimes. i know.

<!– text

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>irl friend

>hey blog!

i’m talking to my “irl” friend on the phone right now, so i can’t really write a substantial post right now. i went to middle school and high school with Tim and we lived two blocks from each other, but now he lives in Utah. :/

he’s nerdy and awesome!!! …and the only “irl” friend i actually care to talk to. and that’s probably due to the fact that i can’t have the same kind of nerdy/awesome conversations with my other “irl” friends. and all the rest of them are flakes.

so i’ll see you tomorrow blog!<!– text

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>just in case


this is the “just in case blog post” I will post if I run out of time and can’t write something more substantial. if you’re reading this, I apologize and I promise to write something better tomorrow.

until then, I hope you’re doing well and enjoying BEDA as much as I am.

…despite me not writing today. 😛

>writing about writing

>my laptop has decided to disconnect from the internet sporadically. so fun! (you could feel the sarcasm, right? cuz it’s emanating in palpable waves.)

hi blog! sorry not to greet you properly, but that is REALLY annoying! i’m sure, as the internet connoisseur that you are, you can feel my pain. (if not from pure empathy, then from those palpable waves i’m emanating.*)

ok, blog. despite the fact that i’m really getting into the swing of things and rather enjoying the frequent blogging this April, i need to regulate my sleep schedule. in other words, i gotta keep this as terse as possible so i can go to bed. …also i need to find where my W-2 crawled off to (as it’s tax day on Friday.)

so i’ve been thinking of NaNoWriMo lately. (remember i said yesterday that we would talk about this today?**) which, i admit again, is rather odd to be think about in April. especially in the midst of a project like BEDA. however, if there is one thing i’ve learned from attempting Wrimo,*** it’s that you definitely benefit from an outline! also, the two stories i’ve developed the most, and are therefore easier to write, are things i’m forbidden to touch. one story is my attempt from last year which means it’s already 10,000 words deep. and the second one i couldn’t write last year for the same reason: i already have bits of it written.

the good news is i have two other possible ideas for this year (there are others, but they’re not nearly as developed or interesting). i’ve already outlined one, which is good, but it involves a LOT of character interaction and dialogue. dialogue being my weakest point. also it involves a lot of character development (so that it’s not a lot of one dimensional, colorless dialogue****). the other i have the basic idea for, but i don’t know exactly how it ends, and although there’s less character development involved (because there are fewer main characters), there is a lot of research involved. it’s kind of sci-fi. also, i haven’t decided exactly how fiction i want to go with it.

so both are difficult, but in different ways. so my decision isn’t purely “which story do i want to write more?”, it’s really more “what kind of work do i want to do more?” do i want to imagine characters complexly and write a bunch of dialogue? or do i want to research and figure out my ending? either way, i want to try to pick one soon so that i have plenty of time to get my foundation in place before storm Wrimo hits.

another thing i’ve learned from last year’s Wrimo***** is that if you have a car accident, you probably should just give it up. cuz staring at the screen while you’re nodding out from Vicodin is extremely non-productive and every bit as exciting as you would imagine. (as in not exciting at all. i realize this is very subjective and that although i assume that everyone would imagine something rather dull or even unpleasant, that some imaginations may roam to more vivid territory. #excessiveclarification)

* 20 bonus points for using the word emanating. twice.

** me neither. but i always glance over my last blog so i know what i’ve already told you.

*** is it cool if i call it “Wrimo”? have we reached that level of familiarity? or have i become like that creepy salesman who starts calling you by a nickname to foster a sense of friendship and trust?

**** why is the word “dialogue” not in Chrome’s dictionary? that is so freakin’ weird. it’s not exactly an archaic word. as in it’s not archaic at all. it’s a common word. and there’s no good fucking reason for it not to be in my browser’s dictionary. jesus! get it together, Google!

***** i’ve decided to go with it regardless of how it may sound. i’m throwing caution to the wind! (man, i live dangerously, don’t i?)
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>see-through glass

>haven’t got one of these in a while. good to know some things will never change.

wow, that was really niche. there are only so many people in the world who even receive those. luckily, the only two people who read my blog are on a collab channel with me, so everybody’s in on the joke.

so for some deranged reason, i decided to sleep all day and stay up all night for the past two days. as you probably can imagine, this has fucked my sleep schedule sideways. i’m probably due to crash in the next few hours and will need mega doses of caffeine or a second wind (the second wind being the preference and the caffeine being what will actually happen). now that that* has occurred to me, i realize that deciding to write my blog during lunch time is an excellent idea. because if i wait until i get home, it will NOT get written. #truefacts

ok, so right now i’m gonna make good on my word yesterday as well as tell a little related story that just happened all of 10 minutes ago. (all this recent day-to-day shit. you’d think i was blogging daily or something**)

so here is a picture of the reception area i’m in until my area is ready:

now, what you have to know about all that glass is it’s tinted. so you can’t see inside until you are very close or it’s dark outside with lights on inside. as a result, i have become accustomed to staring at people through huge panes of glass without them knowing it. so when i was in line at Chipotle, and i looked through the glass trying to decide the hotness level of a guy walking in, i suddenly realized that he could see me. i did NOT look behind me AT ALL after he walked in. note to self: must remember that the ONLY time people can’t see you through glass is at work.

sometimes i am very not smart.

….dammit! i was going to tell you something else today blog, but i can’t remember what it is! oh yeah! i was gonna ramble about NaNoWriMo. which seems really weird in April but will all make sense when i do it. tomorrow. because i am out of time today. and also i have to ramble something for the next 19 days (if my maths are wrong, i don’t know why you’re even bothered by it since you should know by now that i can’t do maths.***) so i’ll keep that one in my pocket and only have 18 topics to worry about!

* i absolutely hate writing sentences that have “that” in succession. and as such, you’d think i’d just reword the sentence. however, that would take a bit of patience and some actual talent, both of which i am completely lacking.

** fun fact: i would love to have one full year where i blog every day, if for no other reason, because it would make me a better writer. but every year on Jan. 1st i go, “meh.” and/or on Jan. 2nd i go, “aw! i wanted to do that blog every day of the year thing. …well, i could just start today. i’d only be missing the first day. …nope. that’s lame. all or nothing. i’ll do it next year.” so yeah, now you know how i’ve begun the last four years. *sarcasm*SO AWESOME!*/sarcasm*

*** it occurs to me that the little joke i was trying to pull by saying i’m so bad at math that i call it maths doesn’t actually translate to people (such as the two who are actually reading this) who have an international pool of friends they talk to every day, some for whom**** “maths” is a proper spelling. i realize if i had read maths, even in an American’s blog, i would simply assume they were using the British spelling for effect. *sigh* sometimes being in an international community is hard. :/

**** Meg, Lydia is that correct? it doesn’t sound right in my head any other way. :/ #grammarquestions #confused #toolazytogoogle #grammarexpertsreadmyblog #nowi’mintimidatedandselfconscious #nonotreally #waytoomanyhashtags

—-3:20pm Update: i remembered what i wanted to mention! when i was in line at Chipotle (quite an eventful time for me today, apparently) a guy wanted to walk through the line, and said “Scusi.” i was taken off-guard. not because i didn’t know what it meant, but because it sounded so pretentious and douchey! in conclusion, i will no longer be saying “scusi.”<!– text

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