a rather disappointing amount of the time, i am pitifully behind the curve. part of this is due to my stubborn attachment to the illogical notion that my bed is the most productive location ever. the other part is that i still refuse to learn the irrefutable lesson that John Green’s suggestions are good ones.

because of this lesson unlearned, i did not click the link he posted 2 weeks ago to C.G.P. Grey’s channel, and instead had to stumble upon it myself to become addicted. (so embarrassing, i know) it’s just, like, an endless fountain of information about all kinds of stuff. it’s awesome! …ok, clearly it’s not and ENDLESS fountain. i may be overselling it on that point. but it’s still awesome, nonetheless.*

this discovery is also important to me because, after getting a hazelnut latte at lunch time, i got so busy watching YouTube (CGPGrey to be precise) that I accidentally drank the whole thing instead of sipping it for the rest of the day. but i’m not worried because i happened to watch this, so everything’s ok.

i’ve also decided that i should just go ahead and jump into John Green fangirldom. i mean, it’s gonna be a really effortless transition. i already have all the ingredients, so there’s really no good reason not to.

* why is that a word? also, “nevertheless.” ???

  • Lydia Page

    HAHAHA!!!  I want to be a questionably-minty superhero.  Questionably Minty. 

    I wore Alicia’s bracelet and hair clip to the premiere, too!  It looked so BADASS.  😀 

    We have the best friends.

    • we definitely have the best friends. ^_^

  • Lydia Page

    I’m adding this to my list… but I’m exactly the same way.  I always mean to get around to things because people I love and admire suggest them, but then I never do it until I accidentally stumble myself into it.