things have changed

so yesterday was all about getting Christmas gifts into boxes and shipped out. …maybe it should have been about work since, ya know, that’s what i was supposed to be doing, but hey! Christmas! am i right?

since i was busy sending packages (and putting the finishing touches on my project) i didn’t get time to chat with the receptionist* till an hour before quitting time. I did briefly say, “This is for my friend Sam.” or “This is for my friend Meg.” as i put boxes up front to picked up by the mail man, but that was it. And let me just precede this whole thing by saying, when i did go chat with the receptionist, it was 15 minutes.
so you’ll probably remember Douche Master, aka boss #2. well, i guess he was afraid he might lose his title or something because he comes up and says, “Wow! You’ve been doing a lot of talking up here today.”
to which i reacted with genuine surprise and said, “Have I? I don’t think I’ve been up here a lot today.” and i looked to my coworker to get her opinion.
she said, “No! You haven’t been up here much at all today.”
then he wandered off.
“Why does he think I’ve been up here a lot today?” i asked.
“I don’t know,” she said, looking bewildered.
“Weird,” i said.
“Silly man,” she said, and we continued our conversation.
the reason i’m even mentioning this exchange is to share the difference in my reaction. in the past i might have apologized, quickly cut off my conversation and slunk away. and i know what has caused the change: my coworker. she’s my friend** so i felt confident enough to just be myself and react as i normally would. it’s amazing the difference having a friend there has.
hopefully this will discourage him from continuing his asshole behaviour in the future. it’s doubtful, but i can hope, right? although it doesn’t really matter anyway since, with a friend in my corner, he doesn’t even bother me anymore. 🙂

as for Christmas, i’m just really excited for all my friends to get their gifts. especially to see what they think of my project i made for them. #loveitorhateit

oh, and i just read the blog where i gave Douche Master his nickname, and i think it’s really funny that i said,

i hope something happens so that i only work in the back and don’t have to be in the front office and deal with him.

which just so happens to be my precise work situation right now. i love when things work out that way. 😛

* i would say her name, but i’m going to keep up the tradition of anonymity for my coworkers.
** to me, a friend is someone who loves and supports you. if you’re reading this blog, you are probably one of these people.

  • Dome

    Yaay for friends at work and yaay for being yourself. Just one thing: Be careful what you write on here about your work, even if you don’t mention their names it could backfire. I made that expierence once. I wrote a spoof of Lord of the Rings and gave certain roles to certain co-workers and someone stumbled upon it. Although I didn’t mention anyone by name, it was clear who I was writing about and that entry ended up in HR. Gladly, they couldn’t do anything about it, because I wrote & posted it after work from home but I was forced to remove it. Hugs, Dome

    • i’m not too worried about them stumbling across my blog. if so, then really it would be me who has the grievance since it’s the boss giving me a hard time. i’m the victim here, not them. and i’m just saying what happened as well as my opinion. and i don’t mention anywhere online where i work, so it can’t be said that i’ve put the company in a bad light. so the worst that can happen is someone gets butthurt. and the only person who could get upset is the Douche Master, so i don’t really care. 😛

  • Meg

    Haha, Chelsea, you’re so awesome! I’m glad you stood your ground with the Douche Master. And that you said “butthurt” in the comments. I love “butthurt.” And coffee. But that’s a whole other thing.

    Also, I wish I sent you more than a card! And I want to know what this writing project is! I WANT TO SO BADLY. Also, I’m going to be leaving Halifax on Friday for a week, so I don’t know if I’ll get your package before then or not. I’m going to go with not.

    Oh crap, I need to run and grab a bus to get my Christmas bonus from work… a FUCKING TURKEY. Jesus. What the fuck do I want a turkey for? I’m either taking it to my mom or donating it. TOO MUCH COFFEE. AHH.
    Must go.

    • i’m glad, too! and don’t worry about sending more than a card. i don’t expect anyone to get me anything.

      and they’re giving you a turkey instead of money??? what’s up with that? :/

  • Lydia Page


    You’re so brilliant.  I was actually planning on writing stories as Christmas gifts, but I…uh…didn’t.  You have FOLLOW THROUGH.  I like that about you.

    I also miss you a lot.  Everything sucks and we work too much.  We should have an Office Jobs whine fest sometime.  Guhhhhh. 

    But not now!  Now it’s Christmas and it’s time to celebrate how kick-ass you are!!  😀

    • thank you for YOUR gift! i love everything you and Lindsay made! i wish i could make all the stuff you make! you’re SO talented! 
      and we really need to do a hangout or Skype call soon! i miss you!