Forever Yours

it’s no secret that i’m a long-standing member of the Nermie Army. and as such, Lord Alex Day (it’s really so wrong that it’s really his name) has called out to his army to plug the shit out of his latest single.


or do if you want. but it’ll be best if you wait till the week of Dec. 18th. cuz then it’ll count toward him getting the #1 on Christmas in the UK. (i don’t know either. apparently this is a thing.) he’ll be giving the money to charity, too. so there’s that.

so in the mean time, feel free to get the song stuck in your head (as it’s stuck in mine) and watch the video. ^_^

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  1. Do you have a favorite version (other than the original, of course)?  I’ve only heard the original and the Lustufka remix…which I completely love.  I’m only just now getting to it, though.  P4A?  Yeah…I totally missed it this year.  (I’m trying not to complain about how everything sucks and we work too much.)  Anyway.  Yay, great song!

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