a finisher

so recently i’ve started watching John Green play FIFA on Hank Games. i’m not a gamer, but when i do game, i do not play sports. watching someone play a sports game would have to be the most boring thing anyone could possibly do. unless it’s accompanied by the fabulous story weaving skills of John Green.
He tells stories from his life as though it’s a story from one of his novels. He introduces the characters, describes the setting, lays out the plot, and ends with some kind of moral or joke.
But while the true stories are fashioned fabulously, i’m in it for the fiction. All the players of the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers have a story. star striker Bald John Green with his magnificent mustache who is married to his teammate Other John Green. Voluptuous Paricard and the epic romance he shares with his wife. Fat Lucas, the trusty goal keeper and recovering alcoholic. and my favorite, the womanizing, dedicated and loyal (to the team) “stone cold Cteve with a C Austin!”
there is a “gazette” that covers their games and they even have twitter accounts. John releases an episode almost every day, and i look forward to them.
the thing i have taken from these episodes, besides their entertainment value, is being a “finisher.”
when someone scores a goal, team manager John Green is often heard to say, “he’s a finisher!”
last week i remembered something i had forgotten to do, and therefore couldn’t complete it. as in i couldn’t just go back and finish it later. (i don’t remember what the thing was right now, but don’t worry about that. that detail isn’t necessary.) i looked down, shook my head sadly and said to myself, “i’m not a finisher.”
so now, thanks to John Green, i’m either a finisher, or i’m “not a finisher” in everything i do. 😛
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