>writing about writing (and website fails)

>ok. we’re gonna pretend i’m not completely frustrated.

…on second thought, i’m too frustrated to pretend i’m not frustrated.

so, as of now, the website is paid for, the domain is transferred, i’ve set up all the bells and whistles… but PHP, apparently, isn’t running on my server so my blog won’t install. why, yes. yes, i would like to kill someone. thank you for asking.

*takes deep breath*

this blog situation is putting a wrench in my pretty little plans. in preparation for NaNoWriMo, i want to write every day. whether i do that writing in one of my novels or in a blog post doesn’t matter, as long as i write every day. writing is a practice. once you’re used to pushing out words, especially in a creative capacity, it gets easier to do on command.

for example: i used to be in a music duo. i wrote a lot of the lyrics for said duo. by the time we broke up, i could write a reasonably catchy song about the topic of your choosing by request. the longer i worked on it, the better it would be. but i could give you something of decent quality within 30 minutes. or less, depending on the subject and what kind of day i was having.

i’m sure noveling is a bit more difficult (no, i know noveling is more difficult) than churning out lyrics for 2 1/2-3 minute songs, but still. once you find out how to frame something and get in the zone… well that’s half the battle. plus, once your mind is in the habit of getting in the proper zone, it’s easier to do it on command.

now, since i got this plan i’ve been writing more and i’ve been working to get my blog back online. (letting my website lapse didn’t help.) so, basically, i’ve got the website up, but WordPress (my latest drug of choice) will not install. no matter what angle i try to do it from.

however, every day wasted by failing to get my blog up is a day i’m not writing. writing is really the bigger picture here.

so, in classic Chelsea fashion, i’ve hooked up a workaround!

this is the free Blogger blog i abandoned in favor of my shiny WordPress one. as long as i have a Google account, this blog will exist. which, right now, i’m very glad i remembered.

now that i’ve sorted the sordid, i can move on to talking about the things i actually want to talk about. but perhaps in another post. cuz this has gotten way longer than expected. :P<!– text

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